Ombre Desk with GF Milk Paint and Saltwash

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"Oh, this vanity. This vanity had a rough life before it found us! We used Salt Wash mixed with Coastal Blue, Linen and Seagull/Driftwood mix for the first layer. For the second layer, we put 12 (TWELVE!!!!) different colors on a palate and mixed our brush around without fully mixing the colors together which gave this gal an ombre look. The colors used were: Coastal Blue, Klein Blue, Stillwater Blue, Summertime Blue, Fjord Blue, Halcyon Blue, Patina Green, Persian Blue, Millstone, Driftwood, Seagull and Linen. We sanded through and the salt wash allowed that first layer to shine through beautifully! We used Flat out Flat and added new handles to complete this weathered beach look." - Boutique Unique, General Finishes November 2017 Retailer of the Month
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Boutique Unique
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October 11, 2017