Custom Furniture

Custom Furniture Finished with General Finishes Professional Enduro Finishes

"Built from solid maple and maple plywood and stained with General Finishes Provincial Water Based Stain and clear coated with General Finishes Enduro 1K Clear Poly."     
"What to do with an empty nook? Add built-ins! The customer provided this unfinished oak cabinets and we did the shelving. Stained General Finishes Onyx Water Based Stain and the countertop piece was left natural. A great mix of materials and colors makes this a one of kind piece!" - Reclaimed Michigan of Waterford Township, MI     

Dining table project with Siberian elm. 80” x 48”. Stained with General Finishes Java Gel Stain, and top coated with satin Conversion Varnish.

"Cheers to comfortably seating 5 or 14 around this table and church pew for Christmas.⁣ ⁣ Build details: ⁣ Top—solid reclaimed 8/4 ash, recessed center on the bottom for weight management, dominoes used for alignment, steel c-channel installed for generational panel flatness, custom engraved with Ephesians 3:17-19, stained with 2 coats of General Finishes Tobacco Water Based Stain and sealed with Total Boat Halcyon Satin⁣ ⁣ Church Pew and Base—solid pine, SW Natural choice,...
"Halo" Fluted Pedestal Dining Table handcrafted by Casa Dega Design in San Diego, CA.   "The Halo pedestal dining table features a solid White Oak circular top, with a fluted pedestal base. Several coats of General Finishes water-based Conversion Varnish finish are sprayed to add a layer of extra protection."    
"The top was done out of 2" thick reclaimed pine with the natural grain and colors. The base was done with circle sawn pine 6x6 beams stained with a dark walnut. We sealed the top using General Finishes High Performance Water Based Topcoat" - Reclaimed Michigan    
Custom Flip Top Chest Constructed with solid oak antique tongue and groove beadboard salvaged from the walls of a farmhouse in Princeton Illinois. A ground up custom build with all solid wood construction. Amazing custom inlaid wood top, bottom trim with beaded wood detail (piece is fully finished on all four sides) and vintage inspired solid brass caster wheels. Layered in...
"Top: Curly maple, wenge, jatoba, and sapele. Extra wide for hosting, ends rounded for a touch extra space. Base: All hickory. Mortise and tenon/ half lap jointed. Legs are curved, leaned inward, and joined at an angle. Finished with General Finishes Arm-R-Seal Satin." - Link Woodcraft    
"I had the pleasure of building a set of viking thrones for some fantastic people. This was a large undertaking but I couldn't be more pleased with how they turned out. Hand made from solid White Oak and Padauk. A lot of hand carving and top notch joinery. Featuring halflap dovetails and mortise and tennon construction. Finished with General Finishes Arm-R-Seal." - Crosscut Fabrication LLC    
"Last year we had to cut down this MASSIVE dead white oak in the back of our property. Loved it, but the girls play house was back near it and it was always looming out back while they played. So after it was taken down I cut a round out of one of the larger pieces and recently shaped it and finished it in General Finishes Arm-R-Seal in Gloss and Satin. I filled the cracks, insect lines and voids with TotalBoat epoxy dyed black. I attempted to count all the rings and this tree was over 140...
"This slab of black walnut arrived with a little different shape and was very rough texturally. My client wanted a natural finish that would highlight the beautiful black walnut grain. General Finishes Enduro-Var for the win. This product sprayed beautifully and feels luxurious to the touch." - Paint and Hammer      
"This gorgeous custom dining table is headed to its forever home. Top: Reclaimed Million Mile Oak finished with Onyx Water Base Stain from General Finishes. Base: Metal X frame base w/ beam." - Lake County Barnwood    

Was able to deliver this beautiful...

"This was a totally custom 10 foot long entertainment cabinet that we made! All solid maple hardwood finished with a General Finishes Light Brown Dye Stain and Enduro-Var topcoat featuring all soft close drawers/cabinets and tons of storage!" - Rustic Valley Woodworking    
"I found an old 90s entertainment cabine at a local thrift store. It was ALL beautiful hardwood cherry, not a piece of plywood on it besides backer boards and drawer bottoms. Only problem is, nobody needs giant entertainment centers for tube tvs anymore!! So I decided to buy it, break it down and build furniture....out of furniture. I've been on a MCM kick lately and I decided on building this cherry and maple mid-century modern inspired sideboard with a black walnut pull on the custom maple...
"4’ round curly maple dining table. Spider base legs. Finished in High Performance satin water based topcoat by General Finishes." - A Squared Furnishings    

This gorgeous Douglas Fir Table was handcrafted by Hank Stahl. He used 2 coats of GF Seal-A-Cell to highlight the beautiful grain followed by 2 coats of GF Conversion Varnish for ultimate durability.

5’ round white oak dining table stained with General Finishes Brown Mahogany Gel Stain and finished with Arm-R-Seal satin.

"Closet/wardrobe in maple stained with General Finishes water based Pecan. A couple goals of this was to try to match the existing bamboo hamper color and to make sure the hamper would fit inside. I made it in sections to maximize inside dimensions vs tilting one tall cabinet which would have cost about 3” in usable height." - Flannel & Sawdust      
This table is just an instant classic, am I right??? We were approached by a larger business to create a farmhouse style with a traditional twist sofa table. We custom built this table from the ground up just for them! We used General Finishes pre-stain wood conditioner and followed with the General Finishes Antique Walnut gel stain and sealed with their Arm-R-Seal in a satin finish.
"Another custom request out the door. Lynn wanted a Walnut log slice end table for her daughter so we made it happen! After removing all the bark we sanded it, epoxied the cracks in the wood and sealed it in General Finishes Arm-R-Seal in Semi Gloss. The customer got to pick the legs and the specific height she wanted and that's it!!" - Upcycling by Amy    
"Slowly but surely I’ve been working on finishing my basement this year, which includes all sorts of custom work including my new bar! This has been one of my favorite projects of all time and I couldn’t be more thrilled with how it turned out. It’s a solid walnut and cherry top, walnut railing and reclaimed oak around the sides. Finished it with General Finishes Conversion Varnish."    

"Walnut build. This is probably my favorite table due to the incredible grain. This table will see many years of family gatherings, and has plenty of room in its 9 foot length to seat extended family." - Mack Wood Worx

"We made and installed these gorgeous wardrobes from rift sawn white oak. Brass hardware is from Restoration Hardware. Finish is General Finishes Enduro Clear Poly satin." - Alwood Workshop & Studio

The rowing machine was finished using General Finishes Dye Stain and High Performance Topcoat. All finishes were applied to premium Baltic plywood. The rower has two main finsihed parts; the outer frame and the inner frame. The first step was to raise the grain with a water spritz then sand with 220-320-grit sandpaper to know down the "hairs". A Custom formula of Cabernet and Amber Dye Stain was mixed to achieve the rich, reddish color for the outer frame. General Finishes Enduro Extender...

"The White Oak used to make this dining set traveled half-way across the country from a custom sawmill in New York, owned and operated by Margaret Liebert’s father. The tree grew on their family farm and was milled by her father and her brother. She brought the wood back to IL and began searching for someone to turn it into a dining set. We are so honored that you chose us to make this special piece for you that can be passed down through the family for years to come. How wonderful it will be...

Made this walnut coffee table and finished it with Seal A Cell and Arm R Seal.

"Wrapped up a large built in bookshelf yesterday for a customer in Pittsburgh. All custom made using a combination of birch plywood, MDF and solid poplar. Spray finished with General Finishes White Poly tinted to match customer’s existing trim. Had a lot of fun on this one matching a small bead detail on the crown molding that was everywhere else throughout the customer’s home. The base cabinets were also designed so that the existing tall base molding wouldn’t need to be cut out. A similar...

"Elm & Black epoxy conference table. Dimensions 110"x43”x30”. Epoxy is ‘deep pour’ from Superclear Epoxy, liquid black pigment is also from Super Clear. Finished with Conversion Varnish from General Finishes." - kiwiwoodshop

"The Lily Chair" Black Walnut Finished in General Finishes Outdoor Oil

First coat of satin ARS on walnut cabinet top. Nothing compares to the look of walnut hardwood. Arm-R-Seal, visibly drives home the point. 

"This chevron pattern came out fire. Matching dining table, bench and coffee table. Stain: Antique Walnut Gel Stain by General Finishes." - Hermanos Woodworks    
"Coffee table and end table done! Single piece of 30"x60"x2" piece of solid maple. Took some work to undo 35 years of age. I was also able to turn an offcut into a cutting board as a momento for the woman that donated the table. Some specs: - steel hairpin legs 16"H (coffee) and 20"H (end table), rated at 300lbs - General Finishes Antique Oak Water Based Stain & HPTC (spray application) - Walrus Oil Cutting Board oil" - Goose Woodworking    
"I was able to get a simple but nice looking coffee table knocked out today! Solid oak top finished with General Finishes Graystone Water Based Stain and Enduro Clear Poly. Looks pretty sharp against the black metal hairpin legs!" - Rustic Valley Woodworking    

The Drifting Buoy was a great success. What an interesting concept, converting a horse trailer into a mobile bar.


"Antique Walnut Gel Stain, High Performance Topcoat, and I used your Design Center to concoct a custom Milk Paint cocktail for the 2d wooden backsplash. We love your stuff."


Photo credit: Norma Jean Vintage Machine (

"Finished up this live edge, locally sourced Black Walnut coffee table today. Tapered brass legs, maple and purple heart bow tie keys. Finished with several layers of General Finishes Arm-R-Seal." - Kamarka Makerworks    

Delivered these beautiful chairs this morning. I can’t get over the richness of the wood with stain from General Finishes. 

"When your daughter needs a "big girl bed" and can't find one she likes from a store, you make one she does like! It was a perfect teachable moment for her to get involved in woodworking, and she helped every step of the way. She even helped mix her own custom General Finishes Milk Paint color (Snow White + Coral Crush) to create the exact shade of pink she wanted." - OakTree Supply  
"Modern, streamlined maple end tables. These are a perfect addition to a bedroom, guestroom or livingroom. These are built by my husband and sealed in General Finishes Arm-R-Seal Satin finish topcoat." - Upcycling by Amy    

California King | Mid-Century Style Bed Frame | 84”x72” | Hand Shaped Legs | Solid Curly Maple | Finished with GF High Performance Gloss

"This classic traditional pine farmhouse table has been delivered and ready for many meals and memories to be shared around the table. Stain: General Finishes Gel Stain Colonial Maple." - RAW to Reclaimed Woodworking LLC    
"Custom sliding cabinet is definitely a more unique, rustic look and I think it turned out really cool! All natural solid hickory hardwood, finished with one of my absolute favorite finishes, General Finishes EnduroVar for added warmth. The top and accents were stained with GF Raw Umber RTM stain. Hickory is tough to work with but it definitely has tons of character and came out really cool!" - Rustic Valley Woodworking    
"This gorgeous live edge Walnut Desk and moveable riser is the perfect size space to get your work done without taking up too much space! This would also make an amazing sofa table or coffee bar. The wood is really the showstopper here and was completely sealed in General Finishes Arm-R-Seal in a Satin finish to protect the look for years to come ." - Upcycling by Amy        
"Here’s the final version of this custom desk that we recently wrapped up. I added some more metal hardware on the top to tie everything together and think it turned out really cool! All ash hardwood, General Finishes Graystone Water Based Stain and Enduro Clear Poly Satin." - Rustic Valley Woodworking    
"Beautiful 8ft live edge table! These 2 maple slabs from make the perfect table. We did modern trapezoid legs made with the same wood but stained with special walnut for a nice contrast from top. Everything is coated in General Finishes High Performance Water Based satin poly. I’m so excited with how this one came out!!" - Hometown Woodworks    
"Thank you General Finishes for such great products. I designed and built this custom closet for a house in Palo Alto, CA. Figured sapele, all finished with Seal-A-Cell and Arm-R-Seal. The pictures don't do it justice, the panels feel like silk and absolutely glow. Arm-R-Seal for the win! The finishing took ~150 hours, and ~4 gallons." - David Zaret of Curl and Burl ( in Ann Arbor, MI.   L
This stunning solid African Mahogany table was custom designed and built by Sakonnet Furniture Makers Inc.. Finished with GF Brown Mahogany Gel Stain and a water based varnish.    
Loving this custom built dining table by Northern Roots Woodworking. 12’x4.5’ white oak Stain: General Finishes Java Gel Stain Topcoat: General Finishes Enduro-Var II   GF Enduro-Var II is an oil-modified, ambering, water-based topcoat. So get the look of an oil based topcoat with all the benefits of a water based product. Learn more in this video:
How great is this waterfall epoxy table from 14 year old woodworker Brayden Bishop of Bowling Green, KY??!!   "Just wrapped up one of the funnest projects I’ve done to date, this beautiful waterfall epoxy end table for my aunt. It’s made from solid maple and blue resin from Superclear Epoxy and has a steel frame that me and my dad welded together from 3/4 tubing. Finished with General Finishes High Performance Topcoat. All in all I think it turned out great for my first build like this...

"Literally ANYONE can build this!! I purchased a 17.5" wood round from The Home Depot , those cute legs and angled mounting hardware off of, and VOILA! This adorable table was created. I sanded the legs and painted them in General Finishes Antique White, sanded the top and applied some extra pieces from Re·Design with Prima Folk ii transfer, and sealed the piece in a satin High Performance Topcoat." - Fin + Finished