Ready To Match (RTM) Water Based Stain System

"Bacalar Cocktail Tables. We went full primitive on the design with these. Fun arched base and full scalloped details to be found all around. Solid mahogany w/ General Finishes RTM strong black and finished with High Performance flat." - Growler Domestics of Austin, TX        

"What I love about this one is not only the shape but the color. (And I don’t usually get excited about stain) but General Finishes has a RTM Strong Black. Its probably the blackest of black that ever was. It almost appears to just be a shadow in a room or a shape. It’s a pretty cool effect."

Hard maple. Color: RTM Custom Color #130 1:1 ratio used Staining Process: I used a wiped on method of dipping a shop towel that was kind of bunched up to a round point, using consistent pressure and moving with the grain. I used a feathered edge while working on the long boards. I then immediately went back and did a second coat using the same method. I was working under almost ideal conditions of 70F and 50% humidity. Topcoat: First coat was original Enduro Var I had purchased last year...

In the booth today spraying some RTM #47 on an oak built in.


RTM #47 = 5 parts Burnt Umber + 1 part Trans Red Oxide + 3 parts Tavern Brown

The addition of the wine rack really brought this build to life. White oak with Strong Black RTM stain.

Refinishing mahogany door. This door was sanded and stained with strong black RTM from General Finishes - this is as black as it gets! Sealed with satin sprayed High Performance varnish. I loved this project because by using a stain instead of paint, you can still see the grain of the wood through the solid, strong black stain, great choice!
Loving this modern beach house look by Craftsman Finishes. The doors, jambs and baseboards are gorgeous Honduran Mahogany that have been stained with GF RTM (Ready to Match) Water Based Stain System and sealed with flat Enduro-Var topcoat. The stair treads have been sealed with General Finishes Pro-Image Flooring Topcoat as well.