Kitchen & Bath: Refinished

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"We took this kitchen islands from dated brown to something brighter and more modern using General Finishes Perfect Gray Milk Paint!"     
"We were able to give these kitchen cabinets new life with General Finishes Perfect Gray Milk Paint! We took the hardware to a matte black for a POP of color! We hope you love." - Goodwillhunting Lawson    
"I love a two tone kitchen! I painted my client’s island in Enduro Black Poly by General Finishes in Satin. Sometimes the small changes can make a big difference!" - Flipping Unbelievable    

Sprayed with Enduro Pro Poly tinted to SW Color Espalier Green

"Check out this before and after difference! This bathroom is in our rental property, and it got a complete makeover! Fresh paint, new flooring and trim, painted cabinet, new shelf, new toilet, new vanity, new lighting and accessories and it looks almost brand new! Cabinet and trim color: Sherwin-Williams Snowbound tinted into General Finishes Enduro Wood Coatings Poly." - Flipping Unbelievable    
"When my client reached out to me to get a quote for painting her cabinets, she said that her kitchen was always so dark and she wanted to “lighten it”. I would say that this was a success! The cabinets were painted in General Finishes Reverent Gray, tinted into their Enduro Wood Coatings Poly. I also swapped out their original exposed hinges for hidden hinges which gives a much cleaner look." - Flipping Unbelievable    

"Took this kitchen from honey oak to something a bit more modern and elegant using General Finishes Lamp Black Milk Paint, with High Performance Topcoat in a Flat." - Goodwillhunting Lawson

"Bathroom cabinet makeover! This was painted in General Finishes Enduro Wood Coatings Poly tinted to Perfect Gray. The frame was done on-site but the doors and drawers were removed and brought to my shop to be prepped and painted. I love the new look!" - Flipping Unbelievable   All Enduro Polys can be tinted to GF Milk Paint colors or any major paint brand colors. Contact your local require to inquire about ordering custom tints. 
Transformation Thursday It was such a pleasure to work with Robin! She knew what she wanted from the moment we met for the estimate. She likes her cabinets but didn’t like the color. She wanted a brighter cleaner look. So we took her factory painted cabinets in the color ‘antique white’ but definitely looked more yellow; and sprayed Euro Pro Series Industrial 1 K Coatings 10 sheen by GF tinted to the color ‘decorator white’ by Benjamin Moore to give her the look she was looking for. If...


We painted the island General Finishes Coastal Blue Enduro Poly, cabinets were painted Snow White Enduro Poly, hardware updates, built-in cabinets updated with custom wallpaper, and so much more!!

Our client is THRILLED and we are too!

Another happy customer in the books! Bill and Carol were a pleasure to work for! They’re moving into their new retirement condo but wanted to freshen up their kitchen.

So we had the pleasure of taking care of their dated honey oak cabinets to a clean and fresh contemporary look that also compliments their beautiful new backsplash and countertops. Installed new soft close hinges on all the cabinet doors. Drilled holes for the new matte black handles to each door and drawer face.The...
  Cabinets: General Finishes Enduro White Poly Island: General Finishes Enduro Poly tinted to Sherwin-Williams Black Fox  
"Absolutely flawless finish using General Finishes Enduro 2K Poly tinted to BM Revere Pewter."     
"Absolutely flawless finish using General Finishes Enduro 2K Poly tinted to BM Revere Pewter."     

Navy blue is a timeless classic color. My client chose Coastal Blue by...

Our most recent kitchen makeover in Seagull Gray (top) and Perfect Gray by General Finishes (bottom) for an amazing new look!!! Counters and backsplash were installed first and we followed with the cabinet update along with new hardware for a nice finishing touch. We are grateful for our wonderful clients and we hope they love their new kitchen!!

"What a transformation! This kitchen went from dark cherry to Pearly White! The contrast with the black countertops looks amazing! These cabinets were painted with General Finishes new 2K Enduro Poly tinted to Sherwin Williams Pearly White! Loving the fresh new look!" - Duke Interiors and Restoration     
"We are in our busy kitchen season. We used the new General Finishes 2K Enduro Poly tinted to Reverent Grey (uppers) and SW Grey Harbor (lowers)" - Painted Pieces    
Kitchens are one of the hardest working parts of your home and you should have the highest quality ingredients and finishing technology available on the market General Finishes has just launched their newest product: Enduro 2K Features Fast film build Consistent batch quality Interior & exterior rated Superior flow & leveling Our most chemical & water-resistant products Excellent adhesion on multiple substrates. This is my first kitchen using this new product and I loved...

Vanity painted with Persian Blue Milk Paint

"Cabinet refinish project finished up well with General Finishes new Enduro 2K Poly." - Hershberger Painting Inc        
"The paint color on these cabinets is Empire Gray by General Finishes but I used their new 2K tintable poly for the paint. It’s a two part process meaning a catalyst is needed to harden the paint, but it dries super fast and durable." - Flipping Unbelievable    
"This bathroom cabinet makeover was done using General Finishes newest Enduro 2K tintable poly. It requires mixing in a catalyst and you only have a few hours to work with the paint before it fully hardens into a solid. Which means the finish on these cabinets is incredibly durable. The color is Sherwin-Williams Evergreen Fog, a color I have used before and love it!" - Flipping Unbelievable    
"Finished up this adorable kitchen. The client replaced the uppers and we gel stained the bases black using General Finishes Black Gel Stain" - Thrifty Designs LLC    
General Finishes Driftwood Milk Paint kitchen cabinets     
"Before and after of my client’s bathroom cabinets! She picked Evergreen Fog by Sherwin-Williams which was the color of the year. I had it tinted into General Finishes Enduro Poly and I love how it’s the perfect pop of color!" - Flipping Unbelievable    
"Sometimes it’s the smaller makeovers that can create a big impact. My client wanted to brighten up her kitchen, and decided to have her island painted. The island doesn’t get lost with the rest of her cabinets now, it makes a statement! Paint color: Antique White by General Finishes tinted into Enduro Poly"- Flipping Unbelievable    
"We’ve taken these cabinets from their honey oak state to a more modern finish using General Finishes Brushable White Enamel. We’ve added new hardware and clients had beautiful new counters put in!" - Goodwillhunting Lawson    
General Finishes Perfect Gray Milk Paint cabinet refresh    
"Queenstown Gray by General Finishes is a very pretty dark gray color. It does have some cool undertones, but the depth of the color is what makes it look so good. My client painted the frames (with guidance from me) and I sprayed the doors and drawers. It turned out to be an amazing transformation!" - Flipping Unbelievable    
"We’ve painted everything in General Finishes Dark Chocolate Milk Paint with satin High Performance Topcoat." - Goodwillhunting Lawson    
"The dark wood cabinets are nice, but the painted cabinets make it seem so much brighter in the room! Cabinet color: General Finishes Enduro White Poly tinted to Agreeable Gray by Sherwin-Williams." - Flipping Unbelievable    
"Our project is complete!! We could not be happier with our kitchen cabinet makeover. We used all our General Finishes products. GF Milk Paint in the colour Reverent Gray and GF High Performance Topcoat in the flat finish to protect. What a difference it makes!" - The Birch Tree    
"Painted cabinets help make this kitchen feel so bright and airy! These cabinets were painted in General Finishes Enduro Poly tinted to the color Repose Gray by Sherwin-Williams."     
"Before and after of this beautiful kitchen makeover. Did you know that stain color can be changed and made darker without removing the current finish? We used General Finishes products for this cabinet transformation by toning down the original orangey stain with Walnut water based stain and Enduro Clear Poly in gloss in a 1:4 ratio. We followed the toner process with clear Enduro poly in satin. All of the products were sprayed on using our hvlp sprayer. The results are a rich, more...
"Finally revealing our refinished kitchen cabinets! This was definitely a process but something we always wanted to try and we’re so glad we did! The cabinets were hand painted and the cabinet doors were sprayed using General Finishes White Enduro Poly. We switched out the old silver hardware for matte black and are in LOVE with the way it all turned out! Now onto the black splash and countertops! " - L_d_farmhouse_decor    
"For a fun pop of color, Basil does not disappoint! Painted using General Finishes Enduro Poly tinted to match the color. What a difference!" - Flipping Unbelievable   G

Kitchen refinished with General Finishes Enduro Poly tinted to Satin White Dove. 

"We've take these cabinets from their original honey oak state to a bright and more modern feel with #GeneralFinishes Alabaster Brushable Enamel." - Goodwillhunting Lawson

"Don’t be afraid to go green! These cabinets are painted in Basil by General Finishes. I used their Enduro Poly and had it tinted to match. I call this a “neutral color” because it’s definitely green, but also subtle so it is somewhat neutral as well." - Flipping Unbelievable    
"My pantry is finally done! It feels so good to declutter and organize. This was a small space, but had a huge impact on my kitchen as now I gained so much extra counter space in the rest of the kitchen.I custom built the shelves, modified the upper cabinets to look more like built in, then added a custom countertop." - Flipping Unbelievable   Cabinets: Menards Countertop: Menards Cabinet color: Empire Gray by General Finishes Shelf stain: Antique Oak Water Based Stain by General...

Such an amazing transformation! Painted with General Finishes Enduro Poly tinted to Alabaster. New pulls from D Lawsless Hardware completes the look.

"We’ve taken these cabinets from their original state to General Finishes Alabaster Brushable Enamel! They really POP and make a huge statement in her kitchen!" - Goodwillhunting Lawson    
"Just got these pictures from our client with the new countertops in! We painted the cabinets wIth General Finishes Enduro tinted to Grizzle Gray and Quietude. Loving the final look!!"     

Water Based Enduro Poly Tinted to GF Alabaster

"Huge kitchen cabinet job! Love repeat clients. Client added crown moulding, cabinet trim, and upper boxes on top of cabinets. Island had to be stripped of previous paint. Finished this enormous job in one week! General Finishes Enduro Poly tinted to GF Alabaster." - Bellflower Grove    
"It was a pleasure to help our client get their island finished from their house remodel! This lovely Queenstown Gray from General Finishes gave this area some real beauty!" - Restoration Market    
"Bathrooms are so hard to photograph! I had to climb in my client’s tub (with her permission) in order to get a picture of these cabinets. They were painted Alabaster by General Finishes and it really brightens the space!"     
love a good cabinet transformation! This kitchen went from dark to light. Paint color:...

Before and After: Queenstown Gray Milk Paint