Masterful Table layered in Stain & Paint

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"My client and I were both jumping up and down in her kitchen with excitement because this gorgeous table turned out perfectly!... The base was wet-blended with General Finishes Milk Paint (Lamp Black & Driftwood) and artfully glazed with Van Dyke Brown Glaze Effects. The entire piece was sealed with HPTC Flat and the last two coats were GF Flat Out Flat for the ultimate matte look.

"For the top I used 4 different stains...Varathane sunbleached, Minwax weathered oak, Driftwood and Dark Walnut. Apply, dry, apply, dry etc. At the end I used Van Dyke Brown Glaze Effects in spots to give it that not-so-perfect look. The glaze was also used on the base and apron."

- GarageMama Vintage

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August 30, 2017