Lamp Black

"This mid century desk was in desperate need of some updates. Now it looks good as new. This was painted in my favorite black, General Finishes Lamp Black. The top was sanded down and stained a nice, rich walnut color to compliment the black." - Weathered & Woven    

First time trying a black wash on a piece and I’m obsessed! It’s definitely one of my favorite looks. On this antique dresser, I love seeing the wood tones peek through.

Washed in G...

“Black & Tan” They spoke, I listened: Good, quality bones were looking for a fresh look. This set possessed great curves and fine knob detailing; I knew General Finishes Lamp Black & Antique Brown Water-Based Stain would deliver." - Coat of Charms    

"I just love round coffee tables! This one had seen better days; the old veneer needed to be removed and replaced and I chose this beautiful mahogany piece, stained in American Walnut Liquid Oil Based Stain, to match the decor in my customer's home. Being my first time replacing an entire veneer top, I was definitely intimidated but I learned so much along the way. The base of the table was painted my favorite black, General Finishes Lamp Black, and sealed for ultra durability." - Fin +...

"How cute is this little nugget I redid for a custom order? This is a family piece but had seen better days and had been stored in a basement not feeling the love. After a good sanding, the base was painted in a custom mix of General Finishes Blue Moon and Lamp Black to custom match some wall art the customer had. The top has been stained in a custom mix of General Finishes Java and Antique Walnut Gel Stain. We sealed the whole piece, added new ceramic knobs and new wheels since one of the...
"After a good sanding and cleaning it was painted in General Finishes Lamp Black Milk Paint and the top was stained in General Finishes Java Gel Stain. I used my classic #hardwaresoup to clean up the original hardware and top coated the entire piece. " - Upcycling by Amy
"Mid century dresser redesigned in General Finishes Lamp Black Milk Paint and natural Danish Oil. Top is sealed with GF Arm-R-Seal." - Just a Touch of Paint 2.0    
"Bippity, boppity, boo. This solid wood Sumpter Cabinet Co. dresser was brought back from certain death, saved from being another piece, with so much potential, thrown into the landfill. My husband doubted me on this one, and not because he didn't have faith in me but because this piece was NASTY; held together in various places with more screws than I wanted to count, the base had been ripped off, and there were deep scratches in the top as if some animal clung to it for dear life. The saddest...
"This shipped in from Southern Illinois. Circa Early 1900's. Original to the Knox County Indiana Courthouse. The base was custom welded for the addition of a steel frame to structurally prepare for its 4 industrial iron feet. After grinding all rust and imperfections, degreasing and priming, the entire piece was finished in General Finishes Lamp Black. It's gorgeous original solid brass hardware was polished and because all hardware is permanently riveted and not removable, each drawer was...
"MCM dresser in my favorite combo! Refinished in General Finishes Lamp Black. Mahogany drawers stained in kona and sealed (Minor blemishes due to the age of the piece) Original hardware updated in black. Gave it a boost with some new black metal feet." - Elm Street Designs      
"These fantastic matching black nightstands are painted in General Finishes Lamp Black, distressed and coated in poly, then adorned with their original hardware." - Soleil Furnishings    

Life is about finding joy in the everyday things, like a comfy AND stylish SWIVEL stool!

GET THE LOOK with Lamp Black Milk Paint & Pecan Water Based Stain.

Antique Eastlake Chest, solid oak c. 1860-1873. Hand painted in General Finishes Lamp Black and stenciled  
Gorgeous French Provincial nightstands in General Finishes Lamp Black Milk Paint  

"Another beautiful piece transformed into a gorgeous and elegant black antique cabinet! Lamp Black, Reverent Gray (inside) Java Gel (inside bottom cabinet) Flat water-based top coat - all General Finishes products." - The Picket Fence

"Black French Provincial Sofa Table This exquisite French provincial sofa table was refinished in General Finishes Lamp Black, lightly distressed and waxed. The top with sanded down to raw wood and topcoated with a water-based polyurethane." - Estrella Design    
Gorgeous look with General Finishes Lamp Black Milk Paint  
"I feel so privileged when customers trust me with the design for their piece. This buffet had been in the family for generations so I wanted to make it special. We agreed on a color and originally were going to paint it solid black, but I decided to keep some wood elements and surprise her. To say she loved it was an understatement. I wish I had filmed her reaction! Lots of clapping, jumping and shouts of joy. It was priceless." - Amost Simple Home   General Finishes Lamp Black Milk...
"This piece has been around! It’s old, but the bones are sturdy! This shade of green is so great! It is a custom color mix using General Finishes Emerald, Coastal Blue, and Lamp Black!" - Hailey Duncan Home    
"I had so much fun creating this piece! I used General Finishes Lamp Black Milk Paint for the first time and it goes on like butter. It is so easy to use...especially with the tried and true Zibra brushes. I use Zibra brushes regularly in my cabinet painting business and when I paint furniture...they make a flawless finish easy." - Countryside Cabinets    
"This beautiful vintage 6 drawer dresser has been refinished using General Finishes Milk Paint. The color is a combination of Lamp Black and Snow White. A soft gray that is perfect for any home. New hardware, old font stencil for the drawers." - Blue & White Living Home Decor    

"Love, love, love how smooth this piece is - done with our sprayer to give a beautiful finish. Refurbished in General Finishes Lamp Black Milk Paint and Antique Walnut Gel Stain with a black wash to antique and a hint of gold decor wax on the knobs to make them a standout." - Refurbished by Sweet Threepeats

"Drew dresser finished in soft GF Millstone that is a muted classic, topped off with original polished brass hardware." - Saved By Design    
"Always enjoy using GF Milk Paint. I love the way this Boho style dresser turned out. Used mix of Snow White and Lamp Black; Persian Blue and Snow White; Coral Crush and Snow White. Mixing colors is my favorite." - The Waters Edge  
"Beautiful French style nightstands/side tables refinished General Finishes custom mix of Snow White and Lamp Black Milk Paint with barnwood brown color wash top. Original hardware in gold." - Blue & White Living Home Decor    
General Finishes Lamp Black Milk Paint restyle by Mirriah Sanders - Whimsical Design, LLC  
"Beautiful rustic pair of dressers.Refinished in General Finishes custom mix of Snow White and Lamp Black Milk Paint with walnut stained front legs and back lip. Distressed for a country farmhouse inspired look." - Blue & White Living Home Decor    
"This is painted using Brushable White Enamel in Semi Gloss - But because I’m a rebel I sprayed it. I did thin by adding Extender and it went on nicely! The legs are painted in a mix of Lamp Black/Milk Chocolate for a deep espresso color." - Kristin's Krazy Garage, LLC    
Handsome hutch in General Finishes Lamp Black and Antique White Milk Paint by Just picked and painted.    
"This MCM hutch is the perfect statement piece that will go with any style. Painted in General Finishes Lamp Black and sealed for protection." - Just picked and painted    
Fantastic custom mixed color by Walnut Street Marketplace and Showroom! General Finishes Westminster Green + Lamp Black.    
"These matching icebox White Clad tables have been completely refinished. Tops have been sanded down smooth and sealed. Bottoms have been painted in a custom color, a beautiful, earthy, cool green. (5 parts Basil 2 parts Lamp Black) Original hardware has been cleaned and refreshed back to it’s original beauty. General Finishes is my favorite paint ever, I foresee more custom colors in the future!" - Early One's Niche    
"This is General Finishes Lamp Black, sealed with their Flat Out Flat Topcoat. The shelves are stained in Varathane special walnut and the inside is SW “Alpaca”. Lightly distressed. " - RESTOREDbyjillian    
"Whew... this might have been my longest running project to date .Lori asked me to refresh her secretariat and honestly, from the picture, it didn't look in too bad of shape but if you zoom in you can see all the crackle texture on the finish that all had to be stripped off with chemicals and then sanded down. The outside was stained in a mix of General Finishes Antique Walnut and Java Gel Stains and sealed in Arm-R-Seal. The inside was painted in General Finishes Lamp Black Milk Paint and...
"This piece by Bassett had the typical 80’s splatter painted, speckled finish. I gave it a much needed update in General Finishes Lamp Black with gorgeous gold hardware. The top was giving me a hard time with both staining and painting evenly, so I updated it with Aspen wood planks and stained in Ebony to give the piece an extra boost of one-of-a-kind style." - Elm Street Designs    
"Say hello to my friend Darla, here. She's a beautiful vintage 5 drawer from approximately the 30's and had a wicked case of 'latex paint disease'. We've since cleared her of this ailment with a chemical strip down and hand sanding. The top had this lovely burl piece but was much too dark to enjoy it's fabulous detail and depth so we did a multi-step bleach process to help clear out some of the aging and tannins and give her a little more modern tone. Just a beautiful example of bookend burl...
"Refinished in General Finishes Lamp Black with a satin finish and new D. Lawless Hardware glass knobs. Classic and elegant!" - ReFind Design by Coco Clare    
"From castle vibes to a modern look, this very large sideboard received quite the makeover! Paint: General Finishes Lamp Black." - Flipping Unbelievable    

"According to Decor Aid's 20 Home Design Trends for 2019, black & white decor "produces a sense of balance and boldness." Pair our Seattle stool with General Finishes Lamp Black Milk Finish and get the LOOK!"

Here’s a beautiful Mid Century Modern piece. She’s a solid wood dresser finished in...

"Curvy girls get all the attention. This beauty got the makeover it so deserved, from drab to absolutely glamorous. Painted in General Finishes Lamp Black and Antique White for the striping. Re•design with Prima®️ Midnight Floral transfer, one of my favorites, really stepped it up a notch. And that gold foil! I'll be finding pieces of it in my house forever but it was 100% worth it. I suppose, after all, diamonds are a girl's best friend " - Fin + Finished

"This beautiful buffet is refinished in General Finishes Lamp Black Milk Paint with distressing to highlight the details. The top has been sanded and stained using Walnut gel stain, sealed for durability with Gel Topcoat and dark wax." - Blue & White Living Home Decor    
"Modern Scandanavian Boho Eight drawer dresser. A quality vintage MCM piece has been given a custom design. Its base was built out to accept its new 6" black iron legs. General Finishes Lamp Black was used to give a modern updated finish. All 8 drawers were built out with 60+ pieces of hand cut and bleached wood accents. OVER 125 FEET of custom wood trim was used for this original design. Sold black iron bar pulls are the perfect simple modern accent. The black finish and bleached wood...
Custom color mixed with...
"I’m in love with how this dresser turned out! Who’s with me?! This dresser was made by Huntley Quality Furniture and is built to last!   It has been sanded down, primed, and painted in one my favorites, General Finishes ‘Lamp Black.’   In-between the drawers and the legs have all been stained in a Gel Stain called ‘Kona’ and sealed for protection.Original hardware that has been cleaned and painted in ‘Sunlit Brass’ which gives a pop to this elegant piece." - PNW Beautiful Finishes...
"Fabulous gin bar painted with General Finishes Lamp Black and tropical print on the back. Lots of space for your collection of gin bottles!" - Vintage Bespoke Designs    
"This table was completely sanded down with the top being stained in General Finishes Antique Walnut and Java Gel Stains. The base was then painted in General Finishes Lamp Black and sealed in their High Performance Top Coat." - Upcycling by Amy    
"We may be in the dog days of summer, but I can still dream of autumn. 1965 Bassett chest of drawers from the Ticino collection. Finished in a custom mixed Tobacco Terra Cotta (I used one pint of Sunglow, 9 oz Persimmon, 1oz Lamp Black.) This color ranges from muted orange to a deep mustard yellow depending on the lighting." - Saved By Design    
"Lamp Black & Antique Walnut Gel Stain never disappoints. Sealed with High Performance Topcoat in satin." - Angela’s Attic    
"Refinished farmhouse inspired 4 piece dresser set in General Finishes Lamp Black Milk Paint with a whitewashed top and feet. Sealed with High Performance Topcoat in satin for durability." - Blue & White Living Home Decor