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I have been waiting for just the right piece to do a deep emerald green on and once I got this sideboard home, I knew this was the piece!! When I found this mahogany beauty, the top was in horrible shape and there was no key to unlock the door. The owner said it had been years since they had the key but I knew we could remove the back and figure it out from there and I hoped for a treasure inside. Once we removed the back and got everything opened, all that was in there was a penny and a broken rubber band. But at least we got it open! I had to do a lot of work on the top with wood filler, bondo and finally several coats of Aqua Coat to get a nice smooth surface. The body had some damage, nothing like the top, but I filled what I could and the rest is character. I wanted to leave something wood on the piece and the only part with no damage was the band around the sides. I sanded the old finish off, bleached the red orange mahogany out of it and gave it a paint wash with Millstone by General Finishes. Now it has the raw wood look. I did the same process on the drawer, as well. The paint color on the outside is 1 part Emerald and 1 1/2 parts Lamp Black all from General Finishes. The inside is a warm, creamy white-maybe closer to a creamy beige. Lots of mixing to get just the right shade so I lost track of what I used. I applied Pitch Black glaze on the beautiful rope trim around the top wiping back so it only settled in the crevices. Now it stands out just a little more. I used a 1/2 and 1/2 mix of Flat and Satin High Performance Top Coat for the perfect sheen as well as durability. I removed the knob on the door-there was only one and it was not original to the piece-got a replacement key and now the doors open with the key as originally intended. I found these gorgeous drop pulls that give this piece the elegance it deserves.
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February 9, 2022