"This antique sewing machine is ready for a new life! The machine was removed so it is now a hall table with functioning drawers for storage. I did a textured finish using Saltwash and Emerald Milk Paint from General Finishes. I used Re·design with Prima clear cling stamp Chateau de Saverne to add some cute detail to the drawer fronts!" - Dressers and Jujubes        

Little Hickory bowl, embellished by worm trails, a bit of texturing, and acrylic paints, most notably General Finishes Emerald Milk Paint.

Isn’t wood amazing and unique? This bowl came from the section of the log right next to the previous little Hickory bowl I posted. But the wood was totally different! It was full of worm holes, whereas the other bowl was fairly solid.

Instead of trashing this wormy wood, I saw an opportunity to highlight the natural...

This is a custom mix of 3 parts Klein Blue and 1 part Emerald from General Finishes. From one angle it’s more blue and another more green. A very beautiful chameleon color. I used a satin topcoat for a lovely sheen and went back and did flat on the woven rattan on the drawers and doors for dimension. The hardware is original to the piece, cleaned and shined to a beautiful brass.

"This Hepplewhite Buffet was literally saved from the landfill after sitting in a garage for decades. Sprayed with my Earlex 5500 using General Finishes custom mix (created by Saved By Design ) 50:50 ration of Emerald and Dark Chocolate Milk Paint." - Revived Creations by Autumn      
"We’ve been wanting to do a custom General Finishes color for some time now. We chose 50/50 of Emerald and Dark Chocolate Milk Paint for this rich jewel tone. The color really brings out the detail in this long dresser." - Black Dog Designs    
"Painted in General Finishes Emerald & Dark Chocolate 50:50 mix. Top was sanded down and stained in General Finishes Antique Walnut Gel stain. Sprayed using the Earlex Spray Station 5500." - Revived Creations by Autumn    
"Circa 1950, this classic nightstand pair was once a traditional desk. The custom deep green finish complimented by the rich antique brown top is the epitome of English Country House design. • General Finishes Emerald and Dark Chocolate 50/50 mix, High Performance Top Coat in Flat, Antique Oak Water Based Stain over Mahogany wood. • Hepplewhite pulls from Amazon" - Saved By Design    

A little Emerald and Lamp Black

**About a 50/50 mix


"Coined in the 1940s, English Country House design is popular as ever as this new century progresses.   It's simple and casual style carries an elegance that one can actually feel at home in and it doesn't take itself too seriously. A mix of antique and vintage furnishings, patterned textiles, rugs, table lamps, flowers, a pinch of modern accessories and the classic hunting artwork - the more the better really. It embraces wear and tear, and it's the furthest thing from minimalism...

This gorgeous hutch took some time but I am soo happy with the finished piece. Refinished in layers of Westminister Green, Gulf Stream Blue, Patina Green, Emerald and Snow White by General Finishes. My customer picked out this heavy studded gold glitter paper for the back. Original hardware in gold.

"My first deep green piece, ever! My customer asked for spruce, so I mixed General Finishes Emerald and Coastal Blue until I got the desired color. Top coated with GF High Performance Topcoat Satin for a beautiful finish.Top stained with Colonial Maple Gel Stain. " - Vintage Painted Pieces    
"It’s a combo of Emerald and Dark Chocolate GF Milk Paint. I added a black glaze for dimension and sealed it with satin High Performance Topcoat." LaDeeDa Design    

If you want a showstopping statement piece in your home, this is it! The bronze metallic hardware and highlights are the perfect complement to the beautiful shade of green. Each drawer has decorative paper on the sides and is lined on the inside.

2 parts Emerald + 1 part Lamp Black

Have I told you how much I love chartreuse?? This old girl needed a refresh! She was solid structurally but looked tired. Once I got the old finish off the top, I knew that I wanted to keep it wood. And I loved the wood details on the top drawer so that just had to be wood as well. I tried taping off the details fifty ways to Sunday to protect them from the paint but I just ended up with a lot of wasted tape. I remembered when I first started this business, people were using Vaseline as a...

"This solid oak White Clad Furniture Co. cabinet has been updated for the Masters!  It is a one of a kind wine and liquor bar! It has been painted a deep green (General Finishes Emerald + Dark Chocolate Milk Paint)r eminiscent of the grass on the course. Gold leaf damask stenciling has been added to the inside of the cabinet doors and matches the original gold hardware. The top has a light wash of GF Snow White, letting the wood grain peek through." - Radiant Light Restorations in Augusta,...

"Design for the present, with an awareness of the past.   The previous generations of craftsmen had timeless taste. Color and finish trends come and go, but some designs stand the test of time. This Hepplewhite dresser is one of them. Circa 1940 this piece was modeled after the original designs of English cabinet maker George Hepplewhite from the 18th century. It has an elegant serpentine front along with the lesser found serpentine sides on the top. True to it's English roots, we chose...

"A LOT of sanding later and a custom paint mix starting with...

50/50 Emerald and Dark Chocolate. HPTC Flat. Sprayed with Earlex 5500

I have been waiting for just the right piece to do a deep emerald green on and once I got this sideboard home, I knew this was the piece!! When I found this mahogany beauty, the top was in horrible shape and there was no key to unlock the door. The owner said it had been years since they had the key but I knew we could remove the back and figure it out from there and I hoped for a treasure inside. Once we removed the back and got everything opened, all that was in there was a penny and a...

Loving this one of a kind Emerald & Lamp Black vanity. Custom mix of 2 parts Emerald + 1 part Lamp Black for the green and Lamp Black for the shading & pure Emerald for the highlight. Check out GF's wide range of tutorial videos at http://bit.ly/GeneralFinishesYouTube

"I never intended to do another French Provincial set, but sometimes we come across pieces that demand our attention. This is one of those pieces. The curves on this chest are so definitive and the hardware is timeless. As soon as I saw it I knew....Navy.   But the search for the perfect Navy shade was a feat. So to mixing I went. This custom shade has so much depth and it is a true chameleon. It ranges from a rich regal blue to deep teal to almost black depending on the lighting...
"Fall is here, but we’re keepin’ things ever GREEN. This Vintage MCM Dixie Campaigner has been updated in General Finishes Emerald Milk Paint." - Dulcet Refurnishings    
"Maple buffet Refinished in General Finishes Snow White and Emerald. Layered, sanded and lightly washed with Emerald for an aged rustic inspired look." - Blue & White Living Home Decor    
"Antique dry sink painted in one of my favorite paints General Finishes Emerald Milk Paint! It pairs so well with the photography by Marilyn of ReSouled!" - Old Things New    
"This piece has been around! It’s old, but the bones are sturdy! This shade of green is so great! It is a custom color mix using General Finishes Emerald, Coastal Blue, and Lamp Black!" - Hailey Duncan Home    
"I have wanted to do a piece of campaign furniture for so long, and I finally found one!!!  This MCM Dixie Campaigner has been updated in General Finishes Emerald Milk Paint and topcoated." - Dulcet Refurnishings    

"Sometimes you just need to go bold! I used Emerald on this cabinet as per customer request! It looks like a jewel in my workshop!" - Nuvelties Home Decor and Furniture

"There’s SO much to like about this classic Duncan Phyfe style buffet! But our favorite part is the color! Painted in a 50/50 mix of Emerald and Westminster Green from General Finishes." - High Street Studios (https://highstreetstudios29.com/products/emerald-isle)    
"This is such a beautiful teal. I’m obsessed with the color. Custom color using General Finishes Emerald, Sunglow, and Persian Blue. No ratios. Just mixed until I found the color I needed." - ReFabulous Finds by Christina    

I used Persimmon, Coral Crush, Royal Purple, Klein Blue, Sunglow, Emerald, Patina Green and Holiday Red milk paints along with a few other acrylic colors on this painting. The coverage is nice, blending is easy, and I love seeing all the bright colors together.

"This buffet is just so fun! The top had some pretty severe veneer damage from water so we did some patching and puttying and sanded the whole piece down. Painted it a custom mix of General Finishes Westminster Green, China Blue, Emerald Green and Lamp Black, distressed it and sealed it in Dixie Belle Paint Company clear coat. The top decorative piece and top drawer were stained in GF Antique Walnut and Java Gel Stains and sealed in Arm-R-Seal." - Upcycling by Amy    

Loving this green custom mixed paint color using General Finishes Milk Paint!

Emerald + Basil + Costal Blue + Lamp Black

The wood was refinished and stained using Minwax Dark Walnut.

"This piece is GREEN with envy! This cabinet was my Granny and Gramps from my dad's side of the family aka my OWN family heirloom. It was in ROUGH shape from years of use. Missing veneer pieces, piece of the ornate feet had fallen off over the years and the top had multiple water rings. Lastly, the cabinet door was cracked and would no longer hold the screws in the hinges. It may have been in a sad state but it was DEFINITELY worth saving. I gave it a VERY good sanding and cleaning. Then I...
"Antique Victrola piece, refinished inside and out with General Finishes Emerald Milk Paint, Pearl Effects, Onyx Stain, and their HPTC. Raised design on the sides. One of my favourites, I wish I hadn’t waited so long to try this colour on its own!" - Vantique Junktion    
Bright and festive in General Finishes Emerald Milk Paint.    
"Refinished this heirloom Martha Washington sewing table using a custom blend of Westminster Green, Lamp Black and a touch of Emerald Milk Paint by General Finishes. The drawers were sanded down and sealed with Semi Gloss Arm-R-Seal (no stain). The body was protected with Satin High Performance."     
"This beautiful buffet was painted in a mix of General Finishes colors (Emerald and Lamp Black) to create this pretty custom green. The trim piece was sanded raw and stained in their color Nutmeg(Gel Stain). The whole piece has been moderately distressed and sealed for protection." - Indigo + Spruce    
"Here she is in all her Green Glory. I call her the Green Aura. Because frankly... she has her own world right there! I can't WAIT to see where this lady ends up. Some posh home on the coast somewhere! I just see it now, with the glass shelving and displaying some awesome pieces inside! Wow! Some items are just amazing fun. (not always during the process... but to see the after is always GREAT!) This piece is finished in General Finishes Emerald Green, with dual coats of High Performance Satin...
"This color is so good... and I’m pretty sure I couldn’t replicate it if I tried! It’s General Finishes Lamp Black, Emerald, Basil, and Coastal Blue... equal parts(ish)! The hardware felt perfect left it’s original gold... and the curved drawers... well they just speak for themselves!"     
"From meh to marvelous! Emerald Green is a dream."     
"Perfect pop of color for an office on this custom order piece. Redesigned in General Finishes Emerald Milk Paint with brass handles brought back to their original shine!"       
"Bold and beautiful! This lovely 9 drawer dresser was completely transformed with General Finishes Emerald. We added some beautiful champagne bronze hardware and viola, a star is born!"     

Henry Link Bali Hai in General Finishes Emerald Milk Paint

"It’s always exciting to paint with bold colors. It was painted in General Finishes Emerald. Original pulls are just the color needed to stand with the color." - Just picked and painted   Learn more about General Finishes Milk Pain in this video: http://bit.ly/GFVideoProductMilkPaint

Top to Bottom:

Custom Mix Basil + Emerald

Coastal Blue

Harvest Yellow

"This versatile console is here to make a statement. She’s hand-painted in a General Finishes Milk Paint Coastal Blue over an Emerald Green and I lightly distressed it to make the green show throughout and it has copper cup pulls and the doors were stenciled with a starburst."     
"This Dixie piece was painted in a custom mix with General Finishes Blue Moon and Emerald to give the prettiest green blue color. The hardware was updated with ornate black cup pulls and the top was painted black and I added some gray and black glaze."   

"Tah-dah! Painted in a custom mix of General Finishes Emerald and Lamp Black Milk Paint."

"The piece has been painted in a custom mix of Emerald and Lamp Black Milk Paint by General Finishes and sealed to protect. The left 3 drawers were sanded down and sealed raw...the wood grain is beautiful." 

"This Harmony House Louvered Drawer lowboy was painted in a custom mix of General Finishes Emerald and Klein Blue with Nutmeg Gel Stain on the drawers and Krylon Gold Foil Metallic Spray on the feet."