Chartreuse Dresser

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Have I told you how much I love chartreuse?? This old girl needed a refresh! She was solid structurally but looked tired. Once I got the old finish off the top, I knew that I wanted to keep it wood. And I loved the wood details on the top drawer so that just had to be wood as well. I tried taping off the details fifty ways to Sunday to protect them from the paint but I just ended up with a lot of wasted tape. I remembered when I first started this business, people were using Vaseline as a resist to paint . I tried it once painting a base color, adding Vaseline in places, painting another color over the base and wiping off the paint where I placed the Vaseline and the base color showed through. I didn’t like it at all but it was the concept I needed. This time I used salve and coated the wood design on the top and just over the edges and not all of they way to the actual drawer. When I removed the painted salve, it was exactly what I had intended. But the whole process was tricky. My sanding pad or a finger or my sleeve would inevitably brush up against the salve and transferring it elsewhere would have caused adhesion issues. I did have to clean a few places with mineral spirits to remove the traveling salve. I’m not sure salve was the best choice for this idea but I was confident in knowing I could easily remove any residue with mineral spirits and still be able to topcoat. The paint color was a custom mix, of course . I had some of the deep emerald (Emerald and Lamp Black) left over from the little sideboard, I added some Millstone, Moroccan Yellow, Lime and Harvest Yellow all from General Finishes and bam! This gorgeous color was born!! I sealed the entire piece in High Performance Top Coat in satin-I had intended to use flat but grabbed the wrong can and it ended up being a great mistake! The hardware is original and I replaced the broken casters because I think all furniture should be on wheels. (When you lift furniture all day everyday, wheels are a blessing!!)   **Moroccan Yellow and Lime Green are discontinued colors. 
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April 5, 2022