Custom Dark Green Buffet

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"Coined in the 1940s, English Country House design is popular as ever as this new century progresses.   It's simple and casual style carries an elegance that one can actually feel at home in and it doesn't take itself too seriously. A mix of antique and vintage furnishings, patterned textiles, rugs, table lamps, flowers, a pinch of modern accessories and the classic hunting artwork - the more the better really. It embraces wear and tear, and it's the furthest thing from minimalism.   The custom deep green finish complimented by the rich antique brown top is the epitome of English Country House design. Featuring antique brass Hepplewhite hardware and country bird drawer liners. This classic piece can inspire an entire interior layout. To create this look we used General Finishes 50/50 mix of Emerald and Dark Chocolate Milk Paint, High Performance Topcoat in Flat and Antique Brown Water Based Stain." - Saved By Design      
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Saved By Design
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June 14, 2022