Hickory Bowl

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Little Hickory bowl, embellished by worm trails, a bit of texturing, and acrylic paints, most notably General Finishes Emerald Milk Paint.

Isn’t wood amazing and unique? This bowl came from the section of the log right next to the previous little Hickory bowl I posted. But the wood was totally different! It was full of worm holes, whereas the other bowl was fairly solid.

Instead of trashing this wormy wood, I saw an opportunity to highlight the natural architecture. I turned the bowl fairly thin, thin enough to transform the wormholes into windows. Then, I added some color and a ring of stippled texture to the interior. Every angle this bowl is viewed from is completely unique. The black dots are intended to look like some sort of spreading disease, to highlight the worminess and slight spalting. I finished the rim with some stippled texture, colored it green, and then rolled a brayer over the top to color the high spots black. All in all, I’m pretty pleased. A lot of work for a tiny bowl, but it’s so fun. Ah, I love wood!

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Ulmus Woodworks
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October 18, 2022