Trifecta Kitchen Cabinets

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Three cabinet colors in one kitchen? Why, YES, thank you!!  What a combination of colors for these 1970s kitchen cabinets! This gal is definitely not afraid of color and wanted her island to be a turquoise stunner! The upper cabinets were painted in GF white Enduro Poly in Satin. The paint was taken up past the cabinets over the old paneling to give the appearance of taller cabinets and more openness to the kitchen. Enduro custom mixed in Driftwood was the perfect color for the bottoms bringing in the sweet grays from the rest of the home. But the real winner to complete this trifecta is the island! Wow!  A custom mix of GF Milk paints in Patina, Coastal Blue and Emerald Green produced this stunning turquoise just inviting everyone to gather around in the kitchen! The island was protected with GF high performance top coat in satin. No longer stuck in the dark, these three color cabinets are a beautiful twist on the modern Farmhouse style.

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Jessica Gilbert/Deb Alexander, Owners at Boutique Unique
Post Date
May 28, 2019