Halcyon Blue Coffee Bar

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"My mom came to visit me a couple weeks ago and told me she needed a coffee bar, so of course we went to my basement and “shopped” through my inventory. Can you believe this used to be a changing table?! Ironically enough probably from around the time I was born! The top was sanded bare and stained with Espresso Water Based Stain from General Finishes, then sealed with an oil based poly for extra protection in the kitchen. The bottom was painted in layers starting with Snow White, followed by Halycon Blue, and finished off with Van Dyke Brown Glaze, then perfectly distressed to let all the colors show! Finally for the finishing touch, new pulls from D. Lawless Hardware And since my mom loves peacocks some fabric lining for an element of surprise!I know I say this often but this transformation has been huge! Even I had doubts when I bought this piece but added it to my stash in case the perfect opportunity arouse for it. I couldn’t be happier with the results, when furniture is real wood anything is possible!" - Nap Time Creations    
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Naptime Creations
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June 16, 2018