Copper Pearl Effects Cabinet

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This piece is a real head turner in GF Copper Pearl Effects, Pitch Black Glaze Effects and Lamp Black Milk Paint.   "Wow!!! Even I was amazed to see this piece all done and through my camera, to see all the details that make this piece so special... This is a client owned piece, that belonged to her grandmother, with such a cool story behind its use over the years and how you could tell it's a beloved piece for her.I hold a lot of pride in that fact that they entrusted me to bring it back to life, to live another life with her. They picked my Aged/Hammered Copper finish. The coolest part was two things... the key, that still does function, and the all glass original knobs. Thank you, for trusting me with this, and I hope it fills your family with many more years of happiness and joy having the memory of what it represents around for many more years to come." - Refurbished Gentleman, LLC    
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The Refurbished Gentleman
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June 20, 2017