Angel Wing Headboard

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2017›Upcycling›Creative›1st Place

Idea of Angel Wings on the Headboard of bed was with me for a long time...I just needed Bedframe demeged enough to experiment on it. 

I used soft masa clay and molded sculptured and carved each feather by hand and create wings.

Stencil with Quote was custom designed and made for me by Agnieszka HagArt. 

I used Miss Lillian's Texture Magic to create background looking like Old World Plaster and to make raised embossed stencil. 

I really want the Angel Wings to look like they are made out of stone. I used many diferent paints and techniques to achive that look. General Finishes Glazes had big part of that. 

Color inspiration was from many different paintings of Angeles  ( by Raphael, Lucca Giordano, Old Icons but also from amazing mixmedia artwork of Ingrid Art Studio "The Guardian" on )

I hope my Guests will feel special, inspired and guarded when they stay over the night in this bedroom. 

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January 10, 2018