Alabaster Washed Buffet

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Do you ever have mic drop moment? When I finished this buffet, that's exactly how I felt 

Stripping furniture is no easy feat, no matter how you spin it, but some pieces demand it. This was one of those pieces. Let me tell you why...

Made in Norwich England around 1860 by Trevor Page & Co cabinet makers, it lived the first century of it's life close to it's origin. Fast forward to 1976. A young military wife expecting her first child took a daytrip to a countryside estate sale outside of London while her husband was on assignment. She found three pieces (a linen chest, dresser and buffet). She brought those pieces back with her to the states and cherished them until her passing. We were blessed to get all three of those pieces and promised to give them a renewed life.

To achieve this look we used 

Klean Strip Premium Stripper 
General Finishes Alabaster for the whitewash
Gator 120 and 220 grit on our Dewalt orbital sander
Brasso to polish the hardware followed by GF Pitch Black Glaze 
Replacement keys from Metal Magery 
Many hours of elbow grease

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Saved By Design
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December 27, 2021