"Solid wood Thomasville chest of drawers. It’s been a couple years since I’ve incorporated grain sack stripes into a piece of furniture so I decided to bring it back! Sanded and refinished in General Finishes Perfect Gray. Stripes in Alabaster. The entire piece was lightly distressed." - Elm Street Designs    
We absolutely love the transformation of our latest flip. This old, outdated mid century piece came into the shop last month in desperate need of a facelift. We decided to put all of our cards on the table and go all-in on a complete overall. Originally a low dresser from the 1960’s, this piece is now versatile enough to fit in almost every room in your house. It can be used as a dresser, buffet, credenza, or entertainment / tv stand. After stripping everything down to the original veneer...
"At long last this pine beauty is complete! A full restoration was performed on this rustic chest and new life it has been given! This piece belonged to my clients Grandmother, likely dating back to the 1800’s with it’s hand cut dovetail joints. It has certainly stood the test of time having been moved numerous times, but nonetheless was in need of some TLC. My client asked for it to be lightened up and made functional and that is just what I did! I started by sanding back the existing...
"Fully redesigned vintage solid maple Ethan Allen three drawer chest. A custom top, custom legs and three drawers built for the appearance of 30 individual drawers. Vintage inspired hardware and vintage label details. Top two drawers have original dividers. Finished in General Finishes Alabaster...a soft creamy white. Fully sealed."     
Custom Flip Top Chest Constructed with solid oak antique tongue and groove beadboard salvaged from the walls of a farmhouse in Princeton Illinois. A ground up custom build with all solid wood construction. Amazing custom inlaid wood top, bottom trim with beaded wood detail (piece is fully finished on all four sides) and vintage inspired solid brass caster wheels. Layered in...
"We had so much fun with this set! The dresser and nightstands were painted in General Finishes Alabaster and the king size bed was hand painted in a custom mix of GF Coastal Blue, Queenstown Gray and Driftwood. It turned out absolutely stunning!" - Duke Interiors and Restoration    
"The body was refinished in General Finishes Lamp Black while the drawers are Antique Walnut Gel Stain & Alabaster. The entire set is sealed with GF Satin High Performance Top Coat. Custom frames were built to add those iconic legs and new hardware was added for that final touch." - Delilah Tree    

this beautiful dresser has been painted in General Finishes Alabaster, with my signature sunflower drawn on the top drawer. Such a pretty piece!

"100% Solid maple inside and out, this set is in AMAZING condition! Sanded completely down to bare wood. Then applied a diluted wash of General Finishes Millstone & Alabaster Milk Paint to keep the wood light and natural once sealant was applied. Updated the original wood hardware to black." - Elm Street Designs    
"Top stripped and sanded down beautifully. Look at that grain pattern! Stained in a custom mix of Jacobean and Hazelwood. Body refinished in a 50/50 mix of General Finishes Alabaster and Millstone. Slightly distressed. Kept the original hardware." - Elm Street Designs    
"I had a very clear vision for this one. Classic Pottery Barn style! Hand painted in General Finishes Alabaster. The perfect, most soft shade of white. I added simple iron pulls and beautifully contrasting floral paper to the drawers. This wide dresser is very sturdy with spacious drawers! It is an exceptional piece with a timeless design. It’s clean lines coordinate in almost any setting." - sincerely_katiek      
"Started by removing base trim and cutting the sides to create a more streamlined, updated look. Added black metal feet. Also trimmed off the edge of the curved top then added wood lathe stained in a custom color. Body refinished in General Finishes Alabaster Milk Paint. A creamy neutral perfect for any decor. Slightly distressed edges and new black bar pulls." - Elm Street Designs    
Table refinished in General Finishes Alabaster Milk Paint and finished with High Performance Topcoat, and features a hand-drawn sunflower.    

"I had to remove a few old layers of paint to start with (not an easy/fun task). After hours and hours of removing paint I had to finish it all off with a good sanding the top to the bare wood. After that a good cleaning. Then on to paint and stain. Katie chose java gel for the top. And for the body she wanted white so I used...

"As you can see in the 'before' photo this piece had MULTIPLE layers of paint and had cracked over the whole piece. Also the panel on the right door was completely cracked almost all the way up the door. So first we had to remove as much of the paint as possible with sanding snd chemicals (this was the bulk of the work honestly) and we also removed the top, broken door panel and the shelves. We then added in new door panels and and created the new shelves and top. The piece was primed and...

Gorgeous solid wood dresser/buffet with loads of storage! This would be a gorgeous tv console and if I don’t get rid of it fast, it might be MY gorgeous tv console! Complete farmhouse transformation for this piece. Top stripped and sanded to bare wood, base painted in...

"We've take these cabinets from their original honey oak state to a bright and more modern feel with #GeneralFinishes Alabaster Brushable Enamel." - Goodwillhunting Lawson

"8 drawer dresser with plenty of storage. Stripped the top of the thick cherry finish to find cool wood grain so I opted to sand and seal it. That’s the natural color! Body refinished in a 50/50 mix of General Finishes Alabaster & Snow White. Slightly distressed throughout. New oil rubbed bronze hardware." - Elm Street Designs    
"When classic black meets deep woodgrain it’s always a perfect match. This small chest is handmade from solid oak by a local furniture maker. I love the simplicity of this piece and the clean lines throughout. After painting the body, I decided it needed one element of exposed wood. I sanded back the toe kick and gave it a very subtle whitewash. I love how it made the grain just pop! For this piece I used General Finishes Lamp Black and Alabaster for the wash. The entire piece is sealed with...
"We’ve taken these cabinets from their original state to General Finishes Alabaster Brushable Enamel! They really POP and make a huge statement in her kitchen!" - Goodwillhunting Lawson    
"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! That’s just what my client saw when she picked this piece up off the side of the road. When she dropped it off for me to save, we had a GOOD laugh! It was literally falling apart…we even named it “the lost cause!” She was adamant though, that we try and save it as she saw its potential and had a clear vision for it! After a full days work of rebuilding this from the inside out, it proved itself that it was no longer a lost cause, but a strong and sturdy...
"Dixie dresser in General Finishes Alabaster Milk Paint and top sanded to natural wood, bleached and sealed with GF High Performance Topcoat. Brass handles are the final touch to make this bright and elegant." - Just a Touch of Paint 2.0    
"General Finishes Alabaster Milk Paint and Minwax Espresso water base stain turned this basic dresser into a beautiful, simple piece with elegant lines." - Gracefully Modern    

"I didn’t have an instant vision when I saw this beautiful Stanley mid century modern chest but I am very happy with how it all came together, renewed and refreshed!
General Finishes Alabaster which pairs beautifully with the natural wood of the spacious bottom three drawers and legs. The original hardware was kept brushed brass but refreshed, and the drawers were lined with a fun gold polka dot paper." 

Water Based Enduro Poly Tinted to GF Alabaster

"Huge kitchen cabinet job! Love repeat clients. Client added crown moulding, cabinet trim, and upper boxes on top of cabinets. Island had to be stripped of previous paint. Finished this enormous job in one week! General Finishes Enduro Poly tinted to GF Alabaster." - Bellflower Grove    
"Custom Vintage Thomasville 8 drawer Buffet/Media/Bedroom Chest. A full refinish/redesign takes this outdated piece to an on trend high end style. Layers of General Finishes Alabaster Milk Paint paired with custom gold finished iron legs and hardware provide a softened but edgy style dynamic. Entire piece sealed in General Finishes flat sealer." - Raised Expectations    
"This Dixie beauty came to me legs practically falling off and wobbly, chipped, cracked, and needing love all the way down to the badly spray painted hardware. I knew there was still magic in her bones.    Painted in General Finishes Alabaster, the top, drawers, and legs were stripped and stained using Varathane Premium wood stain in the shade Golden Oak. I really love the look of the Re Design With Prima Folk II transfer over the wood drawers."    
"Bathrooms are so hard to photograph! I had to climb in my client’s tub (with her permission) in order to get a picture of these cabinets. They were painted Alabaster by General Finishes and it really brightens the space!"     

Matching nightstands in Alabaster Milk Paint

"Gave this dresser a fresh update in a timeless finish. General Finishes Alabaster, base trim in GF Lamp Black. Top sanded and left in a natural wood finish. New hardware and lined drawers!" - Elm Street Designs    
"Even though I have been a professional refinisher for years…these transformations never get old! From boring and blah to wow! My client picked this piece from my Unfinished Inventory and had it customized. Paint: Alabaster by General Finishes Stain: Walnut Water Based Stain by General Finishes" - Flipping Unbelievable    
"Check out the transformation on this waterfall dresser. Stripped and stained the drawer fronts in Provincial and then painted the rest Alabaster by...

Do you ever have mic drop moment? When I finished this buffet, that's exactly how I felt 

Stripping furniture is no easy feat, no matter how you spin it, but some pieces demand it. This was one of those pieces. Let me tell you why...

Made in Norwich England around 1860 by Trevor Page & Co cabinet makers, it lived the first century of it's life close to it's origin. Fast forward to 1976. A young military wife expecting her first child took a daytrip to a...

"Rarely found style of an Eastlake Secretary chest refinished in General Finishes Alabaster with distressing to embrace the true aged character that can't be duplicated." - Saved By Design    
Beautiful desk in General Finishes Alabaster Milk Paint and Minwax Simply White     

Even small tables can have a big impact with paint and stain. This end table was painted in...

"The power of white paint! Alabaster by General Finishes really lightens up this dresser! The top was stripped and stained in GF Graystone Water Based Stain." - Flipping Unbelievable

Another before and after! It’s amazing what a little paint can do for a room. We updated this room by white washing the brick fireplace with General Finishes Snow White and Alabaster Milk Paint. The mantle piece was stained and the beams were freshened up with Antique Walnut Gel Stain! Looks like a brand new room!! So beautiful! " - Duke Interiors and Restoration    
"It’s no secret I love the two tone look, and these stools are no exception. The bottoms were painted in Alabaster by General Finishes and distressed. The tops were a custom stain to match the rest of the dining room set." - Flipping Unbelievable    
"Cherry tallboy refinished in General Finishes Alabaster Milk Paint. Top sanded and stained in Pewter Dye Stain. New black hardware to compliment new feet." - Elm Street Designs    
"A modern update to a dated piece! This piece is solid cherry wood. I wasn’t a fan of the shell design in the trim so I removed the entire base and built out a new one. Added some modern feet to bring it back to a decent height. I went way over budget with the new hardware but I think it was well worth it! Body is General Finishes Alabaster, the perfect shade of white. I added a raised stencil to the top row of drawers. Top was stripped and sanded and finished in General Finishes Dye...
"Another orangey oak kitchen updated with a popular shade of white and new cabinet pulls. GF Enduro Poly tinted to the popular Alabaster! Sprayed with Fuji Q5" - Bellflower Grove   GF Enduro Poly is a professional, spray-only, high solids pigmented water based finish that's perfect for cabinets! Stock colors include white and black but can be tinted to any GF Milk Paint color or any major paint brand color. Contact your local retailer to inquire about ordering a custom color!    
"How cool is this old desk! It was in pretty rough shape when we got it but it cleaned up beautifully! They took the main structure of the desk and added a new bottom, the side shelves, and a new top! Such a great idea and is going to look great in its new space! We refinished this piece in General Finishes Alabaster Milk Paint and Java Gel Stain. Gorgeous!!" - Duke Interiors and Restoration    
Perfect little bench in General Finishes Alabaster Milk Paint.    
"A little creative thinking, lots of elbow grease and General Finishes Brushable White Enamel tinted to Alabaster took this cabinet from what looked like an afterthought to something awesome with a purpose The butcher block counter top was stained with 2 different water based stains and the finished with beeswax from mmsmilkpaint The paint went on like a dream!! The new home owners absolutely loved it!!!" - In Sweet Time    
"Solid maple wood buffet. This gorgeous buffet was not always quite this stunning. After a good cleaning and some elbow grease, I sanded the top down to the original wood and stained it in General Finishes Ash Gray Gel Stain. For the body, I chose General Finishes Alabaster, a beautiful mix of Antique White and Snow White. The hardware also got a fresh look in antique bronze. The edges were given a light distressing for that worn, antiqued effect." - Ray's Refurbishing    
"How cool is the shape of this oval piece!?! It’s unique for sure and that’s what I love about it! Top and legs: natural wood with a paint wash, Body: Alabaster by General Finishes, New knobs: D. Lawless Hardware." - Flipping Unbelievable    

"MCM maple dresser. Drawers were sanded to bare wood. Fun geometric metallic gold pattern over gray paint. Wood was left natural, no stain. Body refinished in General Finishes Alabaster Milk Paint. Entire piece sealed in a flat finish." - Elm Street Designs

"General Finishes Alabaster for the win again! This is the most popular white by far. Turned out Ah-mazing." - Painted Pieces in Klamath Falls, OR