Tuscan Red

The Barn Set This pair is just alike enough to be called sisters, but they've got personality of their own! One values storage, the other values style. Either way they're an UN-matchy set that offers plenty of Class for your space! If you're craving a small pop of color without a huge space commitment- these are your girls!   Tuscan Red (a personal favorite of mine) and all natural Oak that's been treated with a wash to remove those pesky orangey undertones, and hand applied Arm-R-Seal...
Betsy Ross flag with General Finishes Tuscan Red, Blue Moon and Snow White Milk Paint by Woods and Company.    
"This solid wood chest has been refreshed with a deep red color by General Finishes Tuscan Red. It even has dovetailed drawers and it's original hardware has been shined up to an oil bronze." - J&L Vintage Decor    

"Loved working on this gorgeous dresser! Sprayed in General Finishes Tuscan Red with my Fuji sprayer." - Ginger Lane

Our return client lives in a modern rustic house on 5 acres. She has a keen eye for art and asked us to be creative. This was a painters dream! We found an inspiration piece and went to work. We hand painted GF Antique White using a crosshatch method. GF Brick Red and Somerset Gold were painted in meandering stripes. A wash of Antique White was used over the red. The hardware was sprayed in Rustoleum Black Spray Paint. 

The look of this dresser makes my heart beat faster. Age-old, made of solid wood with elements of oak veneer. One of its kind, aged by multi-layered application of a whole range of mixed colors on the furniture, which gently penetrate each other creating an impression of being damaged by time. The inspiration for it was impressionist paintings trying to capture the fleeting moment and the sensual play of colors.

"How sweet is this chest! I love nursery pieces! This piece was brought to us by a client and refinished in a custom mix of General Finishes Tuscan Red and Snow White. I can’t wait to see the room all finished up!" - Painted Paradise, by Duke Interiors and Restoration    
"We used General Finishes, Tuscan Red Milk Paint to make a fabulous color wash. I really wanted to see the wood grain and GF Milk Paint is amazing for a great color wash. A little Rub N Buff helped brighten up the original hardware and bring a little twinkle to the details of the piece." - Delilah Tree    

"This gorgeous classic chest of drawers / 6 drawer dresser has a chic and modern update with General Finishes Tuscan Red Milk Paint! The deep red is more brick than tomato but is versatile depending on the lighting in your space. This nuanced red is stunning in any color scheme, and will be a beautiful accent with traditional creams and grays, or modern and boho chic paired with yellow or blue!" - For Love of the Paint

"Woodsmith Magazine Issues 234 & 235 feature 5 Shop Projects made from plywood. The projects include: a workbench, wall-mounted shelf, rolling cart, tool stand/router table, and adjustable supports. The simple plywood construction and solid design of these pieces make for a quick, low-cost addition to your workshop. They really pop with color in General Finishes Tuscan Red Milk Paint and break up the monotony of the dull plywood color. For these projects and many more subscribe to...
"This little desk is ready for the holidays! Styled in Tuscan Red with Van Dyke Brown Glaze and Java Gel Stained legs, it’s quite the show stopper." - Daylily Custom Design    
This adorable coffee table by Blooming Hydrangea Co was painted with GF Tuscan Red Milk Paint and sealed with High Performance Topcoat.    
"This desk has been totally transformed with a custom blend of General Finishes Tuscan Red and Lamp Black. I love the rich, dark red that this blend created. Making your own colors is so much fun!" - Boxwood & Brass    

Get this look by creating a 50/50 mix of High Performance Topcoat and Burnished Pearl Effects.  Apply over a custom Dark Chocolate and Tuscan Red Milk Paint mix. 

Watch these videos to learn more about how to apply GF Pearl Effects:



"Oh. So. Adorable! I can’t get over this beautiful parlor table done in Tuscan Red by General Finishes with a Java Gel Stained top." - Daylily Custom Design    

Win over your clients by painting your next piece of furniture with a color palette inspired by the traditional and earthy hues of Thanksgiving! By using some of the warm and comfortable tones we’ve mixed up for you, you’ll create an emotional connection with your customers that remind them of the joyful holiday season. Colors featured in this palette are as follows:

• Custom Color Mix: 1 Part Persimmon Milk Paint and 20 Parts Sunglow Milk Paint

• Custom Color Mix: 20 Parts ...

Forgotten Gems completed this lovely red bureau with GF Tuscan Red Milk Paint.

Not only is summer the best time to hit the beach, it’s also the best time to start your next DIY project with General Finishes! Using a combination of our pigmented Milk Paints, you can create the perfect pastel to match your summertime mood. Colors featured in this palette are as follows:

• Custom Color Mix: 1 Part Seagull Gray Milk Paint and 10 Parts Snow White Milk Paint

• Custom Color Mix: 1 Part Halcyon Blue Milk Paint and 10 Parts Snow White Milk Paint

"How cute is this French Provincial chest with its new pink ombré makeover! ...We refinished this piece using a custom blend of General Finishes Tucson Red and Snow White Milk Paints for the drawers and Snow White sealed with white poly on the chest. Such an adorable combination!" - Painted Paradise - Antiques, Vintage, and Repurposed Furniture

Boxwood & Brass gave this sofa table a fresh look with General Finishes Tuscan Red Milk Paint. Sealed with High Performance Topcoat for protection.

We're drooling over this charming piece by Thistle & Pine! Refinished with General Finishes Tuscan Red Milk Paint and sealed with Flat Out Flat.

With General Finishes Tuscan Red Milk Paint, you can turn any home accessory into a formal and dramatic statement piece. Tuscan Red is a warm and welcoming color with earthy, rich undertones - perfect for your next project. 

All designs featured in this image belong to their respective owners at:⠀


Home accessories can sometimes make a room look small and heavy. With General Finishes Custom Milk Paint Colors, you can bring a sense of airiness into your space by using a soft, feathery pastel color inspired by the clouds.

Colors featured in this palette are as follows (from left to right):

Custom Mix: 1 Part Tuscan Red Milk Paint and 10 Parts Snow White Milk Paint

Custom Mix: 1 Part Royal Purple Milk Paint and 10 Parts Snow White Milk Paint

Custom Mix: 1...

400 Rustic Station revitalized this buffet with Tuscan Red Milk Paint. The top was stained with GF Java Gel Stain & the piece was then sealed with High Performance Topcoat. Great work!

See more projects completed in red by going to the Design Center at http://bit.ly/2kGoexI.

"Refinished this charming desk in a Tuscan Red Milk Paint for one of my favorite customers! Love how it ties in to the old world, Italian themed room!" - Rustic Roots

During this holiday season, get inspired by colors from the kitchen! Spread seasonal happiness throughout your home by using General Finishes Water Based Paints. General Finishes has the perfect color and shade for any occasion. Colors featured in this palette are as follows (left to right):⠀

•Custom Mix: 1 Part Buttermilk Yellow Milk Paint and 4 Parts Snow White Milk Paint

•Custom Mix: 1 Part Persimmon Milk Paint and 20 Parts Sunglow Milk Paint 

•Custom Mix...

2016 Design Challenge Entry - Pro Upcycled Furniture

"Layers is what it's all about with this dresser, tearing away at half dried paint with duct tape and sanding to reveal the colours underneath.  Using a patterned roller to detail the inside of the drawers. Patina Green is the most amazing colour and can look completely different in varying lighting states. Sometimes it's hard to see pieces go to their new home and this one was definitely one of those!"

"Talk about a statement piece! Custom wine cabinet restyled from a dated china cabinet & delivered to my bff of 30 years!" - Kristi Lynn Collection

This piece was layered in Slate Gray Chalk Style Paint and Tuscan Red Milk Paint for the exterior. The interior was layered with Linen Milk Paint.

"Is this not the perfect color to get you excited about Fall? Kelly's custom dresser is complete. Kelly brought me a Dixie brand dresser of hers that had great bones but just needed a refresh. We painted it in General Finishes Tuscan Red Milk Paint. The piece was antiqued with a dark wax and new cast iron knobs were added. This dresser has a new lease on life." - Vintageless Jules

"What a great little side table/cabinet for a study! Perfect for a minbar! Painted in General Finishes Tuscan Red with Van Dyke Brown Glaze and High Performance Topcoat for added durability. Headed to the shop in the next couple of days!" - Gigi's Hope Chest    

"Look at this gorgeous early 20th Century solid mahogany and cherry music cabinet! It looks absolutely stunning with the help from General Finishes Java Gel Stain. The shelves and drawer were painted using Tuscan Red Milk Paint and lined with Spoonflower Arts and Crafts style rosette paper." - Vintage Amour

This stunning vanity was livened up by Salvage to Sassy! They used Tuscan Red Milk Paint and Van Dyke Brown Glaze Effects to achieve this rich color!

Learn how to apply Glaze Effects over General Finishes Milk Paint and make repairs at http://bit.ly/1sNFzHJ.

Sue Schumacher of Emmazie Grace Creations celebrated the holiday weekend by painting this repurposed desk as the American Flag!

She explains, "Finished this desk using Antique White and Tuscan Red Milk Paints and Midnight Blue Chalk Style Paint. I then sealed it with HP flat and distressed it."

Learn How to Hand Distress General Finishes Milk Paint: http://youtu.be/DQilIHtFxpY

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"I'm sharing this makeover I painted using all General Finishes products! The door is where I found my color/s inspiration. This piece is #3 of Part III in my "Doors" series. It's been a fun summer with all this color! See more at www.theturquoiseiris.blogspot.com I used Coral Crush, Tuscan Red, Patina Green and Antique White for this layered look." - The Turquoise Iris   Find your favorite GF products at Rockler,...

Deb and Diane of the 2 Junkin Gals blew us away with this color chest of drawers! They used multiple Milkpaints to create this "suitcase" style. They used Millstone Milk Paint for the Base while they used others like Evening Plum, Buttermilk Yellow, Corinth Blue, Tuscan Red, Dark Chocolate, Persian Blue, Lamp Black, and Queenstown Gray for the faces! They finished this piece with High Performance Topcoat Flat as well.

Diane explains, "We love the way this 'suitcase' chest came ...

Sweet Tea Refinishing says, "Have an old chair or stool... One that you can't imagine how to replace the seat on?? Don't!! Turn them into a porch planter!! By dropping a fruit basket in the chair and attaching a coconut liner to each of them, I was able to add pretty foliage for my front porch!! All the colors you see here are from General Finishes. Tuscan Red Milk Paint on the chairs and Key West Blue Chalk Style Paint on the chifferobe."

Angela of Number Fifty-Three gave this side table a stylish makeover with General Finishes Tuscan Red Milk Paint and Antique Walnut Gel Stain.

We absolutely adore this refinished dry sink in GF Tuscan Red Milk Paint by Shannon of Refurbished by Sweet Threepeats!
Red Poppy Pickin' by Chelsea's Creations LLC transformed this beautiful solid wood desk by painting it in GF's Tuscan Red Milk Paint and distressing. "This desk can be used for homework, as a vanity (just add a mirror) or an entrance piece!! WHAT A POP OF COLOR!"
Loving this adorable GF Tuscan Red Milk Painted chair from Pops Restorations!
Can't get enough of this gorgeous piece by Eileen Cassidy Hayden. Eileen says, "Painted with one of my favorite colors - Tuscan Red."

Shannon of Refurbished by Sweet Threepeats says, "We just love taking a client's family piece and refurbishing it into something they will enjoy displaying for years to come!! This one was painted in General Finishes Tuscan Red Milk Paint and given a Java Gel Stained top. We added a dark wax to give some age. Happy Friday!!"

Lovely display cabinet from Delia's Home Decor! Delia says, "Small, rustic spice cabinet I recently finished using all General Finishes products. Colors are Tuscan Red and Driftwood with a glaze of Van Dyke Brown. Love their products."
"Loving the Tuscan Red on this old buffet!! Top was stained with Java Gel and sealed with High Performance Top Coat in Satin. Super thrilled with how it turned out!!! " - Shannon of Refurbished by Sweet Threepeats of St. Charles, MO. 

We're always excited for Themed Furniture Makeover Day! Amy at High Style Restyle shared her phenomenal pedestal table transformation for this month's (spoooky!) "black" theme. Amy used Tuscan Red Milk Paint followed by a layer of lightly distressed Lamp Black Milk Paint on the base, and our Ebony Dye Stain to penetrate this tough table top. All her hard work was certainly worth the effort - this piece is stunning! Amy says, "General Finishes products to the rescue again! Talk about...

Can we just take a moment to talk about this vintage lowboy in Tuscan Red by Lisa at {createinspire}_? Swoon-worthy! Lisa says, "Ironically enough I did a vintage lowboy in Tuscan Red this same time last year. Must be the fall colors that inspire it. :) General Finishes always flows out so nicely and leaves a great finish. I highly recommend their products! I haven't tried one I haven't been extremely happy with." Check out the full transformation here!...
This lovely up-cycled chair turned plant stand is ready for its plant! General Finishes Tuscan Red Milk Paint adds an element of Fall to the display. Thanks for sharing, Sweet Tea Refinishing!
Sweet Tea Refinishing re-styled this sweet little stool by applying General Finishes Tuscan Red Milk Paint and topping it with white wax "for a little patina." After some light distressing, the piece was ready for a loving home!
Two adorably mismatched sewing tables refinished in Tuscan Red from General Finishes. I love the rustic tops on these two cuties and think this deep red is the perfect color to compliment their turned legs and smaller size. - {createinspire}_

What a job, but the end results made it worth it. Tuscan Red and Java Gel, a beautiful combination. This solid oak monster took four coats of paint and three coats of Java Gel to get the coverage I wanted. Finished off with 4 coats of HP flat. My client had a vision and GF came through again. Love, Love, Love this product. - Repurposed Love by Rhonda Donnelly_