American Oak

"Sometimes a piece just needs a good solid refresh instead of an overhaul and that is what this piece got! Stained in General Finishes American Oak Gel Stain and sealed in their Arm-R-Seal in Semi-gloss."     

A massive spacious nine drawer mid century modern dresser. Restored to it's true glory with brand new tabletop. General Finishes American Oak Gel Stain. 

"This made in Germany teak wood set just needed the tops sanded back down and restrained. The legs were revived using @howard_products restore a finish. Tops- stained to match legs in General Finishes Gel Stain in American Oak. Topcoat- General Finishes Arm-R-Seal" - Kate’s Reclaimed    

The IBEW Helicopter Set

Apparently transporting and installing utility poles via helicopter in the Monterey Bay Peninsula is a thing. 

General Finishes Gel Stain...

"So many different General Finishes Gel Stain colors used on this set. From the horse down: Java, Antique Walnut, American Oak. On the left mountain: Brown Mahogany, Prairie Wheat, New Pine. White and Mixol #9 Blue make up the pool and Yellow and Georgian Cherry round out the sun. Please take a moment to check out the incredible job Burly Bags." - PhilsBoards    
another wedding set to celebrate the newlyweds and represent their alma maters! Cheers to Mr. & Mrs. Powell. General Finishes American oak, black, new pine, ash gray and brown mahogany gel stains paired with mixol tints.
Ok, I'm legit proud of this transformation, not gonna lie... the original finish was super thick and drippy white paint that I think they put some sort of brown glaze over. It just looks dirty and sad . I had to strip it all off and go back to basics. For the top I stained it in...
"Here in Southern Idaho, we’re fortunate enough to be surrounded by agriculture. So many of my friends and family are connected to the ag industry. When asked if I could use a picture of an actual tractor he used  I said you betcha!  Love doing these challenging designs taken from pictures! Mixol and General Finishes New Pine, American Oak and Antique Walnut Gel Stain."
"This piece came to me as quite a mess... the wallpaper inside the hutch would have been a big hurdle on its own but include that with the 5 layers of paint underneath it, the random can lid that was permanently adhered inside the lower cabinet and the tacks on almost every shelf under all the paint. I didn't really know what I was getting into but I got into it pretty darn quick. It took over two weeks of sanding, peeling wallpaper, scraping chemicals off on repeat to get it to a point that...

General Finishes American Oak stained top - gel stain for the win!!!

"3 stages and the final product is American Oak Gel Stain by General Finishes!" - Sugar Creek Furnishings    

Shout out to General Finishes and mixolusa for having top notch products to helpme achieve great colors and execute designs like this!!

Set in GF Candlelite, Antique Walnut, Colonial Maple and American Oak Gel Stain

Antique farmhouse buffet was made over in Dixie Bell Sand Bar and the top was refinished in General Finishes American Oak gel stain. We love the calming color combo!!

"This set may have been one of the most difficult in how many steps it took to create and how much time I spent on it, but I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out. I used General Finishes Gel Stains (Java, Ash Gray, American Oak) along with New Pine that was mixed with Mixol tints. Greens, blue, and violets got me to the perfect colors!" - Greg's Boards and More    
"We found our new favorite stain color! American Oak Gel Stain by General Finishes. It’s beautiful." - Motley Wood    
"I sanded the whole piece down completely to bare wood, stained it in General Finishes American Oak and Colonial Maple Gel Stain to try to compliment the color of a dresser in her bedroom already. Once happy with the color match the whole piece was sealed in 3 coats of GF Arm-R-Seal to protect it for years to come! To really finish off the new and improved look, I did a deep clean on the hardware to take off all the black tarnish from year of grime. Stained pieces are a LOT of work especially...
"Another Dazzling Stain Job! For this customer, we finished two of our Pine Queensbury Nightstands using General Finishes American Oak Gel Stain."   

Another one of Grandpa’s pieces that no one wanted. (Insert sad face.) He had started the process and just needed some help to get this beauty back to her glory. She was in pieces, with the mirror and doors detached, and just hoping everything was there. It was! 

Multiple layers of rich color make this antique beauty come to life! A base coat of GF Lamp Black peaks out from under two layers of GF Somerset Gold, showing off each curve and carved details on the drawers and doors of...

"Totally in love with this buffet. I forget how much I love General Finishes Coastal Blue until I bring it out & put it on some oak! This lightly distressed around the details buffet is perfect for the holidays in a beautiful navy (Coastal Blue), with a nice top stained in General Finishes American Oak Gel Stain & sealed with GF Arm-R-Seal." - Flipping Fabulous    
"This beautiful coffee table was painted in Millstone Milk Paint, stained with American Oak Gel Stain and protected with High Performance semi gloss top coat. I love how easy General Finishes products were to use and I know that their top coat will give it years of use!" - Vineyard Designs    
"This little night stand was refinished using General Finishes products including: Seagull Gray Milk Paint & Gel Stain in American Oak. Light distressing gives this cheerful little piece loads of character. Available for purchase at Market Reneaux 1801 Government St. Ocean Springs, MS" - Indigo Lane Furniture    
This DIY Mulled Wine Kit by Danielle of Finding Silver Pennies is the perfect gift for the Holidays!   That beautiful aged wood look was achieved with General Finishes Antique Oak Water Based Wood Stain. Get all the details of this project at    

2016 Design Challenge Entry - Professionals Upcycled Furniture

"In the end we will all become stories...

Missing drawers, layers of filth, a rotting leather top, and a rusty, pieced together sheet metal back were no match for me!

The leather was taken off.  Rusty back peeled away.  Empty shelves sawed out.  Hardware removed.  Thoroughly cleaned. Body completely sanded.  Drawers lightly sanded to preserve some patina.  

Antique Walnut gel stain by General...

Amber Armstrong of Paint Me Perfect restyled this antique dresser using DIY Behr "white on white", Gel Stains (American Oak, Brown Mahogany and Java) and finished with a layer of High Performance Top Coat Satin.

The Earthy Emporium restored this gorgeous oak table top to its original glory using General Finishes American Oak Gel Stain!

Artists Note:
-Gel Stain is originally engineered for raw wood surfaces, but it can be successfully applied to many existing finishes with the right preparation and application technique. 
-Gel Stain takes longer to dry between coats when applied over an existing finish and even longer when painted on without wiping away. Always test first and...

This stunning table was made from scratch by From Evija with Love and stained with General Finishes Gel Stains. From Evija with Love says, "...Then came the star of the show – Java Gel Stain by General Finishes. This would really bring the table together. I used some frog tape to get the lovely crisp lines and stained the top as I went along. To achieve the lighter shades I used beeswax and General Finishes Gel Stain in American Oak. As the letters were slightly damaged when they were sanded...

Chelsea's Creations says, "Went from very very dark to American Oak Gel Stain by General Finishes!" The seat cover is on its way! Have you seen all of GF's Gel Stain colors? If not, you can check them out here:

This star-studded rustic table was restyled by Back To Life Restoration & Home Decor! "This was done for a client of ours who wanted a rustic, western vibe so we gave her just that! We used the Gel Stains in American Oak & Java, and protected it all with High Performance (Top Coat) in a Satin finish, all products by General Finishes!" Did you know that you can layer Gel Stains to create new custom colors? Learn how in this video tutorial: ...