Custom Built Compass Table in American Oak and Java Gel Stain

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This stunning table was made from scratch by From Evija with Love and stained with General Finishes Gel Stains. From Evija with Love says, "...Then came the star of the show – Java Gel Stain by General Finishes. This would really bring the table together. I used some frog tape to get the lovely crisp lines and stained the top as I went along. To achieve the lighter shades I used beeswax and General Finishes Gel Stain in American Oak. As the letters were slightly damaged when they were sanded over, I decided to paint them using some metallic copper paint. I also used the copper paint around the side of the table and once it was dry I put some Java Gel Stain around so it was not as shiny. I sanded the table leg and then stained it using the stain in American Oak and once it was dry I went over using Java Gel Stain and wiped off to have some depth to bring that beautiful grain out. Isn’t it stunning? I then added some darker accents on the leg using the same Java Gel Stain but this time I didn’t wipe it off as I wanted it to be extra dark. To finish off the table I used High Performance Polyurethane Water Based Top Coat in satin finish (I had to wait 72 hours before applying this because as I used oil based stains)." To learn more about this project and to see pictures of the whole process, click here: General Finishes Copper Pearl Effects could be used as an alternative to the copper paint. (

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October 9, 2015