Table Top in American Oak Gel Stain

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The Earthy Emporium restored this gorgeous oak table top to its original glory using General Finishes American Oak Gel Stain!

Artists Note:
-Gel Stain is originally engineered for raw wood surfaces, but it can be successfully applied to many existing finishes with the right preparation and application technique. 
-Gel Stain takes longer to dry between coats when applied over an existing finish and even longer when painted on without wiping away. Always test first and visit the GF Gel Stain product page for instructions:
-Gel Stain must be sealed with top coat! 
-GF products are engineered to be compatible with each other but we cannot guarantee an ideal finish when applying our products on top of or in combination with another company's products. If you chooseto proceed, test your entire procedure (preparation to top coat) on a hidden area first.
-Sanded Sections: Gel Stain is translucent. Therefore, any sections not covered by the original finish should be stained to match the current finish color first.
-Over-sanding in sections can close the pores of the wood grain which can prevent color from absorbing and finish from adhering properly. 


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March 26, 2016