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2016 Design Challenge Entry - Professionals Upcycled Furniture

"In the end we will all become stories...

Missing drawers, layers of filth, a rotting leather top, and a rusty, pieced together sheet metal back were no match for me!

The leather was taken off.  Rusty back peeled away.  Empty shelves sawed out.  Hardware removed.  Thoroughly cleaned. Body completely sanded.  Drawers lightly sanded to preserve some patina.  

Antique Walnut gel stain by General Finishes brought this one back to life.  The drawers were randomly given an additional coat of American Oak gel stain by GF to highlight the original patina.  Two coats of General Finishes HPTC in satin were applied and added not only protection, but  brought out the depth of the new colors.

A new sheet metal back was attached. Hardware restored.  A metal basket added for additional storage on the bottom shelf.  And this one was ready to begin the next chapter in its life..."

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November 8, 2016