Seagull Gray Wood Slat Dresser

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2016 Design Challenge Entry - Pro Upcycled Furniture


This dresser was given a complete overhaul!  It was thoroughly sanded down and cleaned.  The side drawers and body were painted in General Finishes Milk Paint, in Seagull Gray.  The recesses of the side drawers were also glazed with General FInishes Van Dyke Brown.

The three center drawers were given a whole new look.  Pieces of cedar wood slats were glued and nailed over the the current drawer face in an "x" pattern to highlight the unique drawer handles. Once dried, the edges of each drawer were trimmed with a circular saw.  Then the were sanded starting with 60 grit and moving up to 220.  The edges were routed.  Next the drawers were stained with Minwax Dark Walnut.  Once dried, the drawers were taped off and layers of the Seagull gray, and a watered down Seagull gray, were added to give the drawers a distict pattern.  The drawers were sealed with Minwax polyurethane in satin, and the body of the dresser was sealed with Minwax polycrylic in satin."


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De-Uglied Designs
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November 8, 2016