Outstanding Buffet in Linen and Gel Stain Blend

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"This beautiful girl is 100% GF products! Linen Milk Paint and a custom blend of gel stains... Black, Nutmeg and Antique Walnut. And of course HPTC in Satin to protect her new finish. Why not just use Java for a deep rich color? Because these older veneers love to pull red and that’s not the look I designed for my client. 
  "The drawers, doors and top were sanded bare prior to staining. A quick wipe of mineral spirits was also done to help my gel stain glide on more evenly. (I learned that trick from a GF University video—and it’s awesome!) I choose to use gel stains, even on bare vintage pieces, because no matter how hard you try there tends to be residual original finish embedded somewhere. I have more control over the gels and they don’t grab flaws the way traditional stains do!
  "My client was thrilled with the results and honestly, so was I... GF has never failed me yet! Do yourself a favor and invest in the best. The results speak for themselves!" - That FlippinFurniture Girl
Post Date
March 15, 2018