Layered Blue Dresser with Chalk Style Paint

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We wanted this little gal to have a French country look, so she's painted in Charleton Blue Chalk Style Paint. The middles of the drawers, around the handles, are painted with Linen (Milk Paint) then layered with Summertime Blue Chalk Style Paint and again with the Charleton Blue. The handles on the top dated this gal, so we added glass knobs. Everything is finished with Flat Out Flat." - General Finishes November 2017 Retailer of the Month, Boutique Unique   **GF Chalk Style Paint has been discontinued. Replace Summertime with a custom mix of 8:1 Snow White Milk Paint, Halcyon Blue Milk Paint, replace Charleton Blue with a custom mix of 4:1 Halcyon Blue Milk Paint, Lamp Black OR 3:4 Klein Blue Milk Paint, Driftwood Milk Paint    
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Boutique Unique
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October 11, 2017