Layered Blue Desk in Milk Paint and Chalk Style Paints

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"Had a little paint therapy last week and gave this desk a boho makeover! I used about 6-7 different GF Milk Paint & Chalk Style Paint colors (starting with Persimmon) and finished off with FOF (Flat Out Flat Topcoat). It sold before the last layer of topcoat was dry. I mixed and layered colors and started with Persimmon as the base. Used a little Klein Blue, Corinth Blue, Lime Green, Coastal Blue (Milk Paints), Fjord Blue, Key West Blue & Charleton Blue (Chalk Style Paints) and maybe something else. Just grabbed all the pretty colors and went to town." - The Artistic Home Studio and Boutique   Visit The Artistic Home Studio and Boutique at 419 Park St. Alameda, CA 94501, inside Park Street Plaza or online at to purchase GF products!  
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The Artistic Home Studio and Boutique
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June 27, 2016