GF Gel Topcoat Credenza

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"This one is on hold but I thought I would share photos of her anyway. She's another beauty! When you paint (perfect) lines on furniture, it really doubles the time of your work, but the time it takes can be well worth it. She looks black but this one is a custom colour of General Finishes Coastal Blue and Lamp Black which turned out to be a dark navy colour. I really love it. Reminds me of ink and navy always looks dazzling next to brass. As a topcoat I used GF's Oil Based Gel Urethane Topcoat. I love everything about this topcoat: the smell, the way it dries and the protection is second to none. It's my all-time favourite by a land slide but I only use this one on dark colours as it will yellow on whites and pastels. If you know of anyone with one of these credenza's and they're trying to get rid of it, send them my way. I have a waiting list for these." - Perfect Imperfections  


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Perfect Imperfections
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December 19, 2016