DIY Plank Wall with GF Milk Paint Colors

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Carrie from Lovely Etc. was able to complete this plank wall for less than $50! General Finishes Snow White, Seagull Gray, Driftwood, and Patina Green Milk Paints were used on this piece. "Once I had all of my wood home, it was time to paint. I knew I wanted a textured, weathered finish and decided to accomplish this by dry-brushing. Dry-brushing is incredibly simple. Chip brushes are ideal for this, but any paintbrush can be used. Put a very small amount of paint on your brush and then wipe as much off on the lip of the paint can as possible. To remove even more paint, you can wipe your brush on a paper towel several times. Basically, you want your brush as dry as possible while still having some paint on it. Then lightly paint your board." Learn more on Carrie's blog post: #GeneralFinishes #MilkPaint #PlankWalls #DIY
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August 28, 2014