Detailed Design and Klein Blue Milk Paint

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Rachel at Artistic Home Studio & Boutique ( says, "Here's a dresser that we painted at Artistic Home Studio & Boutique with General Finishes Milk Paint in Klein Blue & Snow White, and topped with High Performance Top Coat! Love the blue and white combination!" Beautiful! NOTE: This dresser makes Klein blue look slightly darker than it might appear in other lighting. Visit the GF page to get an idea of the way Klein blue compares with our other four blue Milk Paints! You can buy GF products at Woodcraft in store or online, or use your zip code to find a retailer near you . Limited selections also available at Rockler Woodworking stores in the U.S. in Canada. #GeneralFinishes #MilkPaint #KleinBlueMilkPaint #SnowWhiteMilkPaint

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August 2, 2014