Custom Vanity

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First I removed all the wax and dirt with a good scrub of wash up liquid and water, and then cleaned with methylated spirits and water until all the wax was removed, then sanded smooth.

I primed the piece with shellac bin primer, then 3 coats of custom grey linen:lamp black 5:1, on the body and I then added a coat of the hptc and champagne pearl effects mix, 50:50. The drawer fronts were painted in linen 

I used efex and resin mouldings, both painted in the grey and pearl effects topcoat, to the base, the back and to the mirror to give a bit of a frame.

The inside of the drawers was painted in coastal blue. The hardware was cleaned and gold rub’n’buff used on the handles. 

The entire piece was topcoated with hptc flat. 



Designed By: 
Marie Webster at Chic and Shabulous
Post Date
May 15, 2019