Custom Creamy Accent Table

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"What an incredible transformation this table has had! The paint job was pretty tired when my client found it and was in desperate need of a makeover. I stripped the old paint so we could start fresh. There was a ton of wear/water damage on the bottom which was made of an MDF substrate. We added a wooden bottom and I used an epoxy wood filler to fill the gap between the table and the new bottom, sanded and shaped it to the original and now it looks like it has always been that way. And it’s sturdy! New furniture glides have been added on the bottom so the base is off the floor and will not be damaged again. We painted this table in a custom creamy white to match a coffee table and end table set I previously painted for their living room. It is a mix of General Finishes Antique White (1 cup) and Harvest Yellow (4 teaspoons) to create a beautiful warm white. After applying two coats of topcoat, I used Van Dyke Brown glaze to enhance the details. I wasn’t going for an antiqued finish so, using a small artist brush, I applied the glaze and wiped back all of the excess so the remaining glaze was only in or around the details. This is where applying topcoat first helps to achieve this look and wipe off what you don’t want. Because the top was textured, trying to give it its new look was pretty tricky. It took a lot of tries!! A LOT! But I really love how it ended up and it just goes perfectly with the vibe of the table." - Newbac Designs    
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Newbac Designs
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October 17, 2022