Custom Blue Dresser

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"Look at all that blue yumminess! This big dresser was beautiful knotty pine to begin with but I thought it could use a little facelift. It’s been painted with a custom blue using General Finishes Snow White, Antique White, Coastal Blue and Federal Blue. Federal Blue is a discontinued color, that I absolutely love, but I happened to find some several months ago and have been squirreling it away. Silly right? I decided it was time to break it open! The wash is Antique White and I custom mixed Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint to match the Antique White for the original hardware. It’s not just for wood and works great on metal! The inside of the cupboard has been painted in blue with Antique White on the shelves and back to coordinate. The entire piece has been sealed with General Finishes High Performance Topcoat in Flat." - Newbac Designs    
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Newbac Designs
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February 27, 2019