Black Italian Marble Top Dresser

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Nothing is ever simple... I've spent a week working on the 100+ year old white Italian marble. Although still a faint shadow...a million times improvement. These pieces have had a life, a journey and sometimes there's a "hiccup" along the way. The mark was left from the original wood top piece that sat on the marble for years. (It was NOT an attractive top piece and the mirror was too far gone to save BUT those items are safely stored to be reincarnated at a future time) What I can say? She's a STUNNER! Finished in General Finishes Lamp Black. The original wooden wheels were cracked so they've been replaced with antique reproduction caster wheels. The inside drawer tracks were in disrepair so I've rebuilt all guides. The original pulls were over the top and have been replaced with simple round knobs that compliment the curved drawer moldings.
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Raised Expectations
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April 19, 2024