Enduro-Var Varnish

Divine vintage end tables in a custom finish by Napa Valley Furniture Arts! "I painted these beauties with Snow White and Driftwood, followed by Van Dyke Brown Glaze and Enduro Top Coat in Satin. I really love Driftwood--it's my new favorite grey! Really earthy, without any blue... I tried to represent the age and fragile beauty of the pieces in the patina I created."

Joel from Made In Farmington achieves gorgeous finishes using GF Products. To learn more about Joel's process, read on! "Made In Farmington specializes in fine studio equipment racks for the music recording industry. We offer a full color selection of GF dye stains on multiple wood species. All furniture begins with rough cut lumber - plate joined and finger joined - and finally sprayed with GF dye stain and sealed with GF Enduro Water Based Semi-Gloss Lacquer. I started out ragging on the...

Tracy from Weavers Cottage Creations says, "My first GF project and I'm over the moon with the products. Wish I'd found you guys years ago!!" Tracy used a 50% mix of GF's Snow White and Antique White Milk Paints sealed with GF's High Performance Top Coat. The worktop was protected by GF's Enduro-Var top coat!

Vermont Modern Furniture Collection refinished this Pommele Sapele table in GF's Enduro-Var Gloss finish!

Simple Redesign gave new life to this beautiful buffet! "The top was refinished with your Burnt Umber Glaze for a rich, warm red tone and the base was refinished with the ONLY products I will use when doing a piece black, your Enduro line! Here I used the Black Undercoat with the Black Poly, topped with the Enduro-Var Top Coat (I spray all of my finishes). This is by far the most beautiful finish I have ever been able to achieve in black, and I have tried them all!" Learn how to prep...

Charming child’s spider bench by Bedre Woodworking! This stunning piece was finished in Endurovar Varnish in Satin.

Christopher Clark finished these side tables in General Finishes products! He raised the grain with distilled water and sand, then he applied General Finishes Cinnamon and Dark Brown Dye Stains mixed 2-1. Grey Scotch Brite was used to break down any grain that was left, and then Enduro sanding sealer was used. Christopher suggests that the Enduro is sprayed for the best effect! Next GF's Pitch Black Glaze Effects was used to fill any pores and to tone down the cinnamon color. Lastly, 3-4...

This kitchen makeover by George Moloyannis from CM Carpentry was completed using General Finishes Enduro Ready to Match (RTM) Water Based Stain topped with Enduro Pre-Cat Urethane. The Enduro line is part of General Finishes Professional Products! To learn more, visit:http://bit.ly/1tLDXcw #GeneralFinishes #Enduro #WaterBasedStain#KitchenMakeover

Julie of Simple Redesign shared this stunning antique desk restyle using our Enduro Black Poly, a 50/50 mixture of Java and Antiqued Walnut Gel Stains, and Polyacrylic Topcoat in Flat! Julie says, "I am usually pretty stuck in my ways when it come to product but must say, I will never use another black paint again." Can you believe the desktop was once covered in leather? Find out how to remove it on Simple Redesign's blog at...
Jason of Bedre Woodworking shines again with this impressive 12 foot long white oak table. Jason stained the table in GF's Ebony Dye Stain and sealed it with a coat of GF's PreCat Urethane in Flat followed by PreCat Urethane Gloss.
This gorgeous custom-built chair was created by Jason Bedre of Bedre Woodworking using GF's Enduro-Var Top Coat.
This stunning desk was built by Jason Bedre of Bedre Woodworking and sealed with GF's Water Based Enduro-Var Top Coat.
This beautiful bench was built by Jason of Bedre Woodworking and sealed with General Finishes Water Based Enduro-Var Top Coat.
This gorgeous perfume makers desk was built by Jason of Bedre Woodworking and sealed with General Finishes Enduro-Var Top Coat.
This beautiful handmade console was built by Jason of Bedre Woodworking and sealed with GF's Water Based Enduro-Var Top Coat.
Jason of Bedre Woodworking built this ribbed chair and sealed it with General Finishes Enduro-Var Top Coat.
This beautiful set of goblets was sealed with General Finishes Salad Bowl Finish.

This gorgeous wooden drum was sealed with General Finishes Enduro-Var Top Coat.

These beautiful hand-turned bowls were sealed with General Finishes water based Enduro-Var top coat.

This ravishing dresser was refinished by Chrissie's Collection using General Finishes Holiday Red Milk Paint.

This lovely end table was stained in Nutmeg Gel Stain and then topped with Java Gel Stain. Here we have listed before and after pictures. To learn more about layering Gel Stain, visit our blog post: http://bit.ly/1tmAj9G

This beautiful tree stump was refinished using Country Pine Water Based Wood Stain and Enduro-Var Top Coat.