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Joel from Made In Farmington achieves gorgeous finishes using GF Products. To learn more about Joel's process, read on! "Made In Farmington specializes in fine studio equipment racks for the music recording industry. We offer a full color selection of GF dye stains on multiple wood species. All furniture begins with rough cut lumber - plate joined and finger joined - and finally sprayed with GF dye stain and sealed with GF Enduro Water Based Semi-Gloss Lacquer. I started out ragging on the stain, but found it much easier to spray for the inside corners of our products to prevent blotching...especially when working with softer, more porous woods. Our customers rave at the professional quality of our finishes since we converted to spraying our stains. I have sprayed oil based lacquer for years and have been nothing short of utterly amazed at the ease of spraying Enduro Lacquer. Dry time is amazingly fast, fumes are very low, cleanup is a cinch, and the self-leveling properties are amazing! I have been converted to water based chemicals because of General Finishes products. Now if i could only purchase in bulk direct from GF! I go through a lot of this stuff! My finishing prep work begins with a 120 grit sanding. Next, I spray a water coat to raise the grain. After the water has evaporated, sand again with 220 grit. Ready for a finish! The attached pictures are 1) Walnut 18 Space Studio Rack with 4 coats of sprayed Enduro lacquer. 2) Walnut 18 Space Studio Rack with a Light Brown dye stain and 4 coats of Enduro lacquer. 3) Computer Monitor Stand in Pine with Green dye stain and 4 coats of Enduro lacquer. 4) Workstation Triple Bay Desktop Rack in Pine with Amber dye stain and 4 coats of Enduro lacquer. 5) Desktop Slant 4 Space Studio Rack in Pine with Vintage Cherry dye stain and 4 coats of Enduro lacquer. 6) 18 space Pine Straight Rack with Ebony dye stain and 4 coats of Enduro lacquer. I have many more photos, but these represent my finishes very well. I am available to answer any questions on my finishing techniques." Made In Farmington Website:

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March 6, 2015