Side Tables in Dye Stain and Glaze Effects

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Christopher Clark finished these side tables in General Finishes products! He raised the grain with distilled water and sand, then he applied General Finishes Cinnamon and Dark Brown Dye Stains mixed 2-1. Grey Scotch Brite was used to break down any grain that was left, and then Enduro sanding sealer was used. Christopher suggests that the Enduro is sprayed for the best effect! Next GF's Pitch Black Glaze Effects was used to fill any pores and to tone down the cinnamon color. Lastly, 3-4 coats of High Performance water based top coat was applied, sanding between coats. What a great effect!! Looks wonderful. To buy GF products, find a retailer near you (and check to make sure they have the products you want ahead of time!): #GeneralFinishes #DyeStains #GlazeEffects #TopCoat

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June 27, 2014