Alabaster Paint Washed Dresser

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"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! That’s just what my client saw when she picked this piece up off the side of the road. When she dropped it off for me to save, we had a GOOD laugh! It was literally falling apart…we even named it “the lost cause!” She was adamant though, that we try and save it as she saw its potential and had a clear vision for it! After a full days work of rebuilding this from the inside out, it proved itself that it was no longer a lost cause, but a strong and sturdy force to be reckoned with! With the help of my talented Husband, we replaced all of the floors and drawer supports, replaced drawer bottoms, slides, and secured the entire piece, including the detached face frame. All of the drawer faces needed to be glued in place as well. The next phase included stripping the yellow finish off of the entire piece, multiple times, and then sanding it buttery smooth. I applied a very diluted white wash using General Finishes Alabaster to its gorgeous oak and then sealed it with Polyvine Ltd Wax Finish Varnish in Dead Flat. I chose new hardware and a beautiful floral drawer liner in contrast with the light wood. It has been a goal of mine to refinish a piece that is 100% wood and I am proud to have checked that off my list! I am quite honestly OBSESSED with this final product and wish that it belonged to me! These photos truly don’t do it justice. It is just GORGEOUS!" - sincerely_katiek    
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March 28, 2022