Upcycled Snow White Kitchen Island

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We unearthed Jemma from a basement as an old workbench- and found that she was quite possibly the end cap to an old general store counter.
After stripping the top, we figured she would make a KILLER mobile kitchen work station....
So a little Strip, a little sand, a little prime, a little paint and Shiplap, and finishes, and wheels and pulls, and OMG!!! ... this turned into WAY more work and supplies than I thought.

But VOILA~!!!!
We have an absolutely AMAZING rolling (and locking) island, coffee station, bar, entertainment cabinet, plant stand, bookshelf, you name it! Jemma can do it!

Finished in General Finishes Snow White, with a Jacobean blended rustic top and hand Applied Arm-R-Seal finish on top. She's got all the rustic charm you want in an old cabient- with the greatest amount of details. Satin Iron pulls (I used the original hardware holes so as not to ruin the integrity of the drawers, but they can be Placed differently if desired.).
Some Black Rolling Castors to lift her up and take her anywhere!

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Restoration Reserv
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Post Date
April 17, 2020