Table in Amber Dye Stain Topped with Gel Stain

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"I bought a ponderosa pine slab, made for cabinets, from Home Depot to use as a writing table surface in my office. I ADORE the look of dye stain under gel stain. Dye stain highlights the woodgrain and provides a unique undertone when used under gel stain. The wood has a warm, glowing look and feel that I love! I look forward to writing at this table every morning, especially at sunrise." -Jamie Finish schedule over prep-sanded raw pine wood: 2 coats of Amber Dye Stain 1 coat of a 2:1 mix of Nutmeg: Java Gel Stain 2 coats of High Performance Satin Our very own Jamie from the GF marketing team refinished this gorgeous writing desk! We love the Dye Stain/Gel Stain mix.

Post Date
February 16, 2016