Seagull Gray Baby

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"First of all I had sanded it and filled the gouges and scratches with putty. When dry I've applied two coats of Milk Paint in Seagull Gray. Sealed it with Flat out Flat.

I decided the piece needed some more color to go along with plain gray and picked this cute wrapping paper with triangles. I laid the wrapping paper over each panel inside to get an idea of what size to cut it down to. 

Once I cut it out, I put a coat of decoupage glue on the wood panel, laid the paper on top and gave the top a few coats of Flat out Flat to protect it. I put the decoupage glue along the edges as well and pressed the paper under the top as I went.

As final I've replaced the legs to give it some lightness. Pulls were changed as well to fit in better for girls room."

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Reloved by Maja Komasa
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December 5, 2017