RTM #130 Hard Maple Fireplace

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Hard maple. Color: RTM Custom Color #130 1:1 ratio used Staining Process: I used a wiped on method of dipping a shop towel that was kind of bunched up to a round point, using consistent pressure and moving with the grain. I used a feathered edge while working on the long boards. I then immediately went back and did a second coat using the same method. I was working under almost ideal conditions of 70F and 50% humidity. Topcoat: First coat was original Enduro Var I had purchased last year. The final 2 coats were Enduro Var II. The compatibility was fine and the odor was certainly less on EV II. I wanted the ambering and it really brought out what grain there is to see.   I applied the topcoat with a 3" Wooster foam brush. The Wooster is more expensive but the quality is 1000x better than the cheapies. I had to work in sections on the long boards but then made long light strokes to smooth before dried. Thin coats so as to avoid drips.
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November 30, 2021