"Natural" Maple Dresser

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These took FOREVER. But I was determined to keep the wood in its natural state and not just slap some paint on them. 100% solid maple wood. (Some outer trim on drawers is polar, but majority is maple. Top row of drawers has gorgeous maple burl accents) Stripped twice, then sanded. Hours upon hours of hand sanding all the grooves, nooks and crannies. I’m now sporting bandaids on 3 fingers due to so much sanding. Fun fact: sanded, raw wood is absolutely gorgeous but the minute you go to apply sealant it can amber or turn orangey. So to keep the “raw” look I had to apply a very diluted coat of General Finishes Millstone. Basically tinted water. So when I sealed it, it stayed light and natural.
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Elm Street Designs
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January 21, 2022