Lamp Black Sideboard

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"I loved how this piece turned out sooo much that I’m keeping it for myself to use in our newly renovated basement lounge that I’ll be sharing with you all soon! This piece was inspired by the Arhaus Finley sideboard which is priced at $3,000! When I saw a short curved end cabinet on Facebook marketplace I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it! It was in pretty rough shape…I had to rebuild the skirting on the bottom and I added 10” mid century style legs which really helped with the height then I cut was seemed like hundreds of small trim pieces to add all across the front and sides of the cabinet after that I painted it in General Finishes Lamp Black and sealed it in satin top coat! I’m also very pleased with how my faux marble technique turnout on the top!" - NB.Restorations    
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June 17, 2022