Lamp Black Dresser

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"I always have said that great design happens when there's a juxtaposition of textures or styles like rustic and elegant or vintage and modern. This piece is a great example where rustic and elegance come together perfectly. It all started with a family piece my client was ready to kick to the curb because more veneer was missing than not. I convinced her it was worth saving and set forth with a plan to embrace its storied past. I began by removing the veneer from the top which revealed the rough wood beneath. I then decided that In lieu of scraping the veneer from the sides I would plank them with some rough hewn lathe strips. The entire body of the piece got a new coat of classic GF Lamp Black with a more modern satin finish and the top was given several coats of walnut stain. The jewels that top it off are the new Mercury glass knobs that add just the right amount of "chic". I'm so happy that my client now has a beautiful "new" statement piece for her foyer that will continue to tell its story for years to come." - Centsibly Chic Home, llc
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February 25, 2016