Lamp Black Dresser

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"April had been a month of 13 pieces of furniture, all black. But I’m totally fine with that because I love a good matte black piece with this perfect finish from General Finishes . This pop of red has all the Selena vibes! My dear friend Tatiana waited a month for this paper to arrive and I’m so glad she did. This dresser is part of a set that will go in her new home she just purchased! Thank you friend for letting me be a part of your new journey    Paint: General Finishes Lamp Black Top Coat: General Finishes Flat Out Flat Rose Paper: Spoonflower Hardware: Amazon Sprayer: Wagner Painting Flexio 5000 Brushes: Zibra Paint square and palm pro" - CM Restorations    
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CM Restorations
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April 29, 2021