Lamp Black Cabinet

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OHHHH THIS PIECE!! First and foremost…it is GINORMOUS!! Second of all it’s OLD. It is primitive and has loads of character!! I can only imagine the stories that it could tell! I wanted to retain a lot of its original character and keep it somewhat primitive. I wanted this piece to look old but still fit into a modern home. Black never fails. Black suits this cupboard, don’t you agree? The piece had seen some better days but it is solid oak and honestly, they don’t build pieces like this anymore! Built in the 1800’s…this piece needed some help. Lots and LOTS of cleaning. Stripping and sanding and more stripping and sanding…fixing and adjusting…painting and staining….this piece got REmade!! The top was re-stained in a custom mix of Weathered and Barnwood Luxe Tones by The Chippy Barn. The paint is Lamp Black by General Finishes both inside and out. The new casters look old and compliment the original hardware. New shelf liners add a bit of modern style.
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December 12, 2023