Georgian Cherry Parlor Table

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"This little parlor table was found at least two years ago. It was in horrible condition finish wise and had a bum leg from numerous bad repairs. But I had to have it because I could see so much potential. Once I started working on it, I learned it had been refinished at least once before and the veneer on the top was paper thin. What does that mean? That meant I had to be extra extra careful when I sanded so I didn’t go through the veneer and ruin the chances of staining the beautiful top. Yes, I could have removed the veneer and stained the wood underneath, but it wouldn’t have been the beautiful pieces of veneer that created this gorgeous design. Thank goodness, it was a success and the veneer was left intact. After treating with Charles Neil pre color conditioner, I used General Finishes Georgian Cherry Gel Stain and sealed with Arm-R-Seal oil based topcoat. I carefully removed the little paw feet, boiled and scrubbed them and replaced the tiny nails holding them on to the legs. I think the bright brass made the table so regal looking!"

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Newbac Designs
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October 14, 2020