Georgian Cherry

 General Finishes Ash Grey, White and Georgian Cherry Gel Stain and Varathane Jet Black    
"Sometimes my clients don’t want a dramatic makeover. Occasionally the client wants their piece restored back to its original finish. That was the case here for this antique chest. I did some repair work to the bottom, removed what was left of the finish, then stained using General Finishes Georgian Cherry Gel Stain and sealed with a Satin Top Coat. My client liked the character of this piece, but it did need a revival. I love how this turned out!" - Flipping Unbelievable    
"This was a very special cornhole set I made recently for my wife's annual family gathering/fund raiser. Proceeds went to a very worthy cause North Country Horsemen Trails to Treatments . This was all done by hand on baltic birch with General Finishes Gel Stain in Georgian Cherry, Candlelite, Prairie Wheat and New Pine. If you look real close you will see the ghosted image of pinochle cards in the middle of the board. On the frames are the names of family members we have lost to cancer, and...

This design incorporates...

General Finishes Gel Stain in Black, Java, Gray, Georgian Cherry, Nutmeg, Prairie Wheat, and New Pine.  
"Classic design cornhole set recently completed. Features an all baltic birch build with General Finishes Gel Stain in 3 colors: Georgian Cherry, Carbon Gray and Java." Walter Wood Works of Bemidji, MN    
"The Big Dog Bartending Set. Made this fun set for a local bartending business. check them out Big Dog Custom Bartending. Burly Bags came through again with some design advice and perfect execution on these bags. I used General Finishes amazing Gel Stain in Java, Prairie Wheat, Georgian Cherry, Black, and Ash Grey to complete this design. They never disappoint." - PhilsBoards  
"These boards were custom designed and are hand stained on baltic birch with General Finishes gel stain in Black, Georgian Cherry and Prairie Wheat. They include a set of black and red bags and a carry case." - Walter Wood Works    
"Lady Liberty. I’ll definitely be doing this set again. I love, love, love how it turned out. I will never let my shop run out of General Finishes Java or Georgian Cherry Gel Stain. The perfect combination for any design." - PhilsBoards    
"The Patriotic Turtle Set. This was probably one of my favorite sets so far. I absolutely love that turtle. General Finishes Gel Stain in Java and Georgian Cherry on Baltic Birch is eye candy." - PhilsBoards    
"This is a Bluebird cedar hope chest from 1953 (almost 70 years old). Frame was made of solid mahogany wood and inside lined with 3/4” aromatic red cedar. Still has the original bluebirds and warranty.   Work included sanding everything down to bare wood, resecured original joints on frame and drawer, replaced lock and latch, new stain - General Finishes Georgian Cherry Gel Stain, new handles, GF Arm-R-Seal topcoat for protection." - Mathews Woodworks     

"Another twist on the US Flag. This time with my boys last name making up a stripe using General Finishes Java Gel Stain. The rest of the stripes are Georgian Cherry. Love this combo."

"This non-traditional American flag is on a maple deck with a tournament style inset frame. Colors are hand stained in General Finishes Java and Georgian Cherry Gel Stain. On the frame sides it reads "The United States of America" and "One Nation under God". There is an eagle and stars emblem on the end and "1776" on the leg brace." - Walter Wood Works    
"Custom set made from 3/4” Baltic Birch frames, 3/4” birch tops and led lights. Custom stain with General Finishes New Pine Gel Stain and #mixolusa #9 blue & a splash of #1 black, Georgian Cherry and Black Gel Stain. Bags by Burly Bags." - standard_woodworks    

The Old Town Tire Set

Old Town Tire is a family run business that’s been in the heart of Old Town Temecula for the last 40 years. They are honest, capable, and thorough. There’s Moho stuff else I or the city of Temecula trusts with their vehicles. They handle tune ups, engine and transmission repairs, AC, Heating, tires, suspension, brakes and much much more.

General Finishes Georgia Cherry and Nutmeg were used in this set.

"General Finishes Gel Stain Java, Prairie Wheat, and Prairie Wheat mixed with a tad of Georgian Cherry. Probably my top 3 favorite stains."     

Really love this color combo for a nice change! G...

Making a color palette for all my favorite gel stains from Maple plywood cut outs

GF Gel Stains: Java, Gray, Black, Nutmeg, Georgian Cherry, Prairie Wheat, Candlelite, New Pine, Antique Walnut


Video on making this set:

"Really love this color combo for a nice change! G...

"Oh what a labor of love this piece of was. Saved and restored this tall boy dresser. Completely stripped and sanded clean. For nice under glow used Cinnamon Dye Stain then once dry came over it with Georgian Cherry Gel Stain. Then top coated in Arm-R-Seal gloss. Added new antique casters and cool antique style knobs. I just love to custom color a piece." 

Loving these custom cornhole boards by Ollie’s Workshop in GF Prairie Wheat, Candelite & Georgian Cherry Gel Stain (top to bottom).    

"This little parlor table was found at least two years ago. It was in horrible condition finish wise and had a bum leg from numerous bad repairs. But I had to have it because I could see so much potential. Once I started working on it, I learned it had been refinished at least once before and the veneer on the top was paper thin. What does that mean? That meant I had to be extra extra careful when I sanded so I didn’t go through the veneer and ruin the chances of staining the beautiful top....

When I found this desk, I knew it had so much potential even though it had seen way better days. I was looking at it through a painters eyes knowing how fun those details would be. But the original finish was peeling in places and worn completely off in others and I knew it was going to be a big job to prep and get it ready to paint. So it went into my trailer where I store my ‘I’ll get to it someday’ unfinished furniture. When my client came to pick up a couple of pieces he had purchased that...
Custom made corn hole boards in GF Black, Gray, Prairie Wheat and Georgian Cherry Gel Stains by Burly Bags.    
"This dresser and nightstand belonged to my client’s grandmother. They decided they wanted to incorporate these pieces in the space they’re preparing for a new addition to the family. The pieces had great bones and solid, but the finish needed new life and updating. The bodies were primed with Zinsser BIN Shellac to prevent tannin bleed through and painted with a custom mix of General Finishes Antique and Snow White Milk Paint (1:1). The tops were sanded back to bare wood and stained with a...
"I have done another great piece using your GF stain.. I used a mixture of Java, Georgian Cherry and Brown Mahogany for the variation.. and sealed with poly satin.. I love your stains.. and products!! Thanks GF's!!" - Vintage 180  

Check out this federal sideboard refinished by Sandy Dog Studios! This lovely was refinished with General Finishes Lamp Black and Georgian Cherry Gel Stain.

"I'm loving The combination of GF Antique White and Georgian Cherry Gel Stain. It brings this piece to life!" Distress Reliever: Upcycled Furniture    
"The true beauty is in the reflection. Just look at those gorgeous mountains peeking through. What an amazing state to live in..we are truly blessed. Oh and this dresser isn't too bad either." - Just Chic   Just Chic, a GF retailer in Anchorage, AK, created this look with GF Antique White Milk Paint that's been stippled with Argentine and Burnished Pearl Effects then blended with touches of Antique White and the lovely Champagne Pearl Effects. The top is stained with a custom mix of...
"This was my 1st time using General Finishes Gel Stain. I used Georgian Cherry on the base of this Cedar chest. it turned out remarkable." - Broken 2 Beautiful    

"Shadow box tables created for the men and women who serve.  I mixed Georgian Cherry Gel Stain and a little bit of Antique Walnut Gel Stain in a can of Seal-A-Cell. Seal-A-Cell helps control the penetration and dark spots." - Woodytrike Creations

These pieces were entered into the Wood Working category of the 2016 GF Design Challenge Contest

This unique vintage buffet was refinished with a custom mix of Antique Walnut & Georgian Cherry Gel Stain as well as Lamp Black Milk Paint by Restyle & Renew  

Cannot GET OVER how sexy this kitchen revival looks! Scott Nicholson and his wife used Georgian Cherry Gel Stain to obtain this lovely rich red color!

Check out more amazing kitchen cabinet upcycles by going to our Design Center at

Kirsten McKee of That Flippin Furniture Girl restyled this dresser with a sharp, custom color!

"The stain is a custom blend of Antique Walnut and Georgian Cherry Gel Stain - 5:1 ratio," Kirsten explains. "This piece had veneered drawer fronts that I removed, then sanded like crazy and stained with two coats of the custom color, followed by High Performance Topcoat Satin. The top was also sanded to remove the old finish and stained as well. My client was thrilled with the results!"...

"Out with the trendy white and back to the traditional classic cherry. (original cabinets were honey oak) I used equal parts of Brown Mahogany and Georgian Cherry to get the exact color I wanted. Loved the results so much, I am currently updating my railings as well. Easy to use, clean up was easy. Topped off with High performance top coat. Loving my new kitchen!!"

Gorgeous refinished dining set in General Finishes Georgian Cherry Gel Stain and Lamp Black Milk Paint by Twisted Vintage Az!   Learn more about how to apply GF Gel Stain in these videos:   "How to Apply Gel Stain to Raw Wood"   "How to Update Cabinets with Gel Stain"
Gorgeous transformation from Christine Schmidt Spitz! Christine says, "I found my new passion! I purchased this piece and stripped, sanded, and repaired. I used GF Java Gel Stain first and then wiped on Georgian Cherry for added warmth. I followed the instructions for stain on raw wood. The trim was painted with GF Lamp Black Milk paint and HP topcoat to finish. I'm beyond pleased with the end product."
"Just added this beautiful side server to our booth at the Funky Monkey Vintage Store_ _ This piece was painted in Antique White, and the top was stained in Georgian Cherry Gel Stain, both by General Finishes! We are loving this combo!" What a beauty by Belle Maison_!
Kristen at That FlippinFurniture Girl shared this sweet cedar chest transformation! She says, "Sometimes capturing the true beauty in a new piece can prove trying... This transformation is greatly due to some amazing products I have been using by General Finishes. On this cedar chest, Georgian Cherry Gel Stain and their Water Based High Performance Top Coat in Satin brought new life into this forgotten piece. If you are a DIYer check them out, you won't regret it!"
What a beauty! This breathtaking bench was restyled with Lamp Black Milk Paint and Georgian Cherry Gel Stain by Linda Whitlock! You can find your favorite GF products at Woodcraft, RockIer Woodworking stores or Wood Essence in Canada. You can also use your zip code to find a retailer near you at
Hi friends at GF! This buffet is beautifully refinished with Georgian Cherry Gel Stain and all surfaces are sealed with High Performance Top Coat in Gloss. Gorgeous restyle shared by Christina of Phoenix Restoration ( If you want to recreate this look, we recommend our Tuscan Red Milk Paint! Wondering what pre-existing surfaces can you can apply General Finishes Gel Stain to? Here are some tips and prep instructions:...
Finding Silver Pennies shares how they stained the historic wood work in their home with General Finishes Gel Stain. Check out and see for yourself just how easy it is to work with GF Gel Stain. Dani from Finding Silver Pennies says, "I am so thrilled with the results of the gel stain. It gives the perfect...
Sue from Sueper Shabby Designs refinished this table in General Finishes Georgian Cherry Gel Stain and Antique White Milk Paint. You can find your favorite GF products at Woodcraft, Rockler Woodworking stores or Wood Essence in Canada. You can also use your zip code to find a retailer near you at
RCDC Services made these gorgeous Poplar cabinets for a Senior Care Dresser Project, refinishing them in Brown Mahogany,Georgian Cherry, New Pine, and Prairie Wheat Gel Stain and High Performance Topcoat in Satin!