Distressed Apothecary Inspired Dresser

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"Bippity, boppity, boo. This solid wood Sumpter Cabinet Co. dresser was brought back from certain death, saved from being another piece, with so much potential, thrown into the landfill. My husband doubted me on this one, and not because he didn't have faith in me but because this piece was NASTY; held together in various places with more screws than I wanted to count, the base had been ripped off, and there were deep scratches in the top as if some animal clung to it for dear life. The saddest 'before' picture would have been it laying on the curb in a pile of junk and other broken furniture. The drawer fronts were routed to give it this apothecary cabinet inspired look, I built a new chunky base, then painted in General Finishes Lamp Black, wet distressed in all the right places, and sealed for ultra durability. And can we just talk about those beefy, industrial iron casters for a second?" - Fin + Finished    
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Fin + Finished
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October 7, 2021