Custom "Eucalyptus Green" Hutch

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"Would y'all believe that I've never really been a fan of green furniture before? I've loved seeing other refinisher's green pieces but it never spoke to me as a color I wanted to paint myself, until I was looking for inspiration for this hutch. I just knew it was going to be white but I was just scrolling through pinterest one day and BAM! I saw a green hutch and my whole mindset shifted. And so this beautiful eucalyptus green hutch was born. And now I want to paint all the things green! ♡ The hutch itself was gifted to me by a sweet work friend, thanks Amanda!! It's painted in a 6:1 ratio of General Finishes Basil and Blue Moon and the inside is painted in GF's Antique White."     
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Southern Rust Vintage
Post Date
June 9, 2020